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Written by Nev Brooks   
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 03:20

J RoddyThirty seconds in and I really do not like this, largely because I’m thinking we are on fro one heck of a country and western hoedown, something that would fit nicely into the Porky’s movie we all remember from our youth. Thirty seconds in and this promises to be what some might call “A shit-kicker of an LP”. Then it goes f#ckin’ horribly wrong.


Take track three for example ‘Take It As It Comes’ this sounds like a country & western version of Paolo Nutini. As such it is absolute bollocks. Likewise the attempted Stones-y groove of ‘Black Light just never gets there and this had me reaching for the off button.


In fact it was two days later after some respite and some damn fine music before I finally returned to I got back to ‘Essential Tremors’ refreshed and determined to give it another go. The trouble for me is J. Roddy just comes over like a poor man’s Kings of Leon or Kasabian like on the intro to ‘Sweat Shock’, before there’s an attempt at some funky guitar that just didn’t get me grooving, and that's before a sincere ballad led intro to the biggest pile of shit I’ve heard in a while ‘Nobody Knows’. ‘Hard times’ meanwhile goes for an early Steve Earle vibe with maybe a bit John Cougar Mellencamp without getting near either.


Look I could rant about all the following tracks on ‘Essential Tremors’ but suffice to say J. Roddy Walston & The Business didn’t go out to deliberately make a shit LP, maybe it’s just not for me, but this sort of stuff I pitch against an acoustic performance back in the early ‘90s by Steve Earle in Harlesden’s Mean Fiddler witnessed by myself and Johnny H that set the bar about as high as it can get in the country genre. What would I call this? Well it’s certainly not country, so what about some indie led country? Anyone? Anyone? No thought not.


‘Essential Tremors’ really is not for me.




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