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Written by Nick Russell   
Friday, 07 March 2014 03:40

lurkcoverEvery single band in the world would like to think they have their ‘selling point’, their ‘thing’, that little something that marks them out as a bit different. To a degree, you do have to have that mentality if you want to be/do something in the whatever music scene you're in. But you also have to be realistic at the same time. Whilst you’re never likely to meet the band “that just want to rip off Slayer,” you would rather a band accept that they may sound/look like or be influenced by someone else.


Lurk are a sludgy doomy four piece who come from Finland and unfortunately they’ve fallen into the trap of thinking they are completely unique. To make a bold statement that they “sound like no-one else,” you hope they can back it up. Unfortunately with ‘Kaldera’, their 2nd album, they fall short of being the sound you’ve never heard before!


The eight tracks presented here are slow, sludgy doom metal that references the likes of Crowbar, Neurosis and quite a few others, despite what the band might say! ‘Below Flesh’ starts things off at a crawl, and things just get slower from there. By the fourth song, ‘6 Feet, 6 Years’, the pace is at funeral march speed that brings to mind early My Dying Bride/Anathema, including a bit of violin. ‘Sag Serene’ is actually quicker, just don’t expect thrash! ‘Rest Unitaries’ is up next and whilst still slow, the riff has a bit more of a groove to it but normal sloth-like service is resumed for the last two songs. Closing with the title track, it certainly feels like it’s been a longer journey than the 45 minutes it’s taken to listen to it!


The album as a whole is well-played, the sound is what you expect, sludgy, fuzzed up, doomy and heavy. It’s intense, almost to the point of being hard work to listen to it. You definitely need to be in the right frame of mind to listen to it. The fact is that Lurk aren’t that original, you will have heard better. To the band, just don’t believe your own hype, yeeaahhh!!!


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