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Written by Gaz E   
Friday, 07 March 2014 04:00

BarrenWombCoverArt1Dedicated followers of fashion will know all about the modern duo: bluesy, stripped back, in possession of a foot-stomper or two; well unlearn all that you have learned because Barren Womb, a four-legged Norwegian punk collective, are here to blur the lines and remind people that they don't have to be the same as everything else in the quest to stand out as being different.


No, Barren Womb refuse to toe the line - but you could tell that from the cover art and lower case album title, right?


Formed in Trondheim, Norway in late 2011, this disaster duo mix hardcore punk with garage rock, and add a hit of black metal purely for kicks. Following a slew of single and EP releases, 'the sun's not yellow, it's chicken' is the band's debut full-length release, recorded at Better Than Your Fucking Studio Studios and mixed by the band, Timo Silvola and Tony Gonzahl, themselves.


The result of this union between keenly-monikered recording studio and achingly-cool band is a twelve-track album that is as noisy yet infectious as its title is nonfuckwithable.


Lead track, 'Kill Hicks', cracks the hymen of our pre-Barren Womb speakers, a jangly piece of guitar work sparring with cowbell before the song proper kicks in with a hammering of glunk 'n' roll piano and bellowed chorus: if a New York Dolls fan and a Cancer Bats fan got it on this is the sound that their uglies would make as they bumped together in unholy union.


The members of Barren Womb eschew the normal trappings of the fractured music industry, insisting that they make art, not money, and that they record and put out music when it suits them, touring when it fits into their lives. It's an attitude of which they should be proud, and one that we, as a whole, should applaud and promote. Happily, the band's debut album is so striking a noisefest that it will attract no little amount of attention all by itself.


There are times, 'Evil Prevails' for example, or 'Live Fast, Die', when the band sounds not unlike the coolest hardcore punk 'n' roll bands in existence, others, like 'Zombies Never Go Out Of Style', where I'm reminded of the soundtrack work of a free-thinking indie flick, like something a maverick like Jim Van Bebber would put his name to.


There's a subtlety to a song like 'Bong Aqua', which is, again, almost cinematic in feel, which clashes head on with the black metal of 'Nexus Diplomis', Barren Womb giving zero fucks as to whether they fit into one subgenre or another.


If there's a song title better than 'Obi-Wan Chernobyl' out there already in 2014 then I'm yet to see it, and, while curious and clued-in music fans will be impressed with the band's ethos, titles included, it is, ultimately, the songs themselves that will be the main point of fucked-up focus: listen to 'Assmasters of Reality' and tell me I'm wrong...


Noisy genius.


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