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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 24 March 2014 03:40

Therion Theli ArtworkOne of the truly pioneering bands of what subsequently has become known – and much maligned – as the gothic/symphonic metal sub-genre, Therion’s dark, dense and game-changing (at least in terms of the band’s musical direction) long lost fifth album proves what a hidden gem it truly is in this timely and lavish re-issue.


‘Theli’ is one of those albums which can easily, and justifiably, be described as the complete listening experience, combining elements of classic and speed metal with dark gothic imagery and huge orchestral and vocal arrangements – an album which truly paved the way for acts such as Nightwish and Within Temptation to follow (unfortunately for Therion to much more commercial effect).


With the multi-talented Christofer Johnsson at its helm, the album blends all its various elements with the skill and ease of Mary Berry demonstrating a sponge pudding recipe to a primary school class, resulting in a delicious masterpiece which has stood the test of time much better than many of its contemporaries but also than a lot of what subsequently has followed (including, on occasion, later releases by its progenitors). From the rising opening strings of ‘Preludium’ through sweeping epics such as ‘Nightside Of Eden’ and ‘The Siren Of The Woods’ to the dark embrace of ‘Postlidium’, ‘Theli’ soars with the majesty of a true classic of the genre.


This deluxe edition comes with three bonus tracks – including a cover the Scorpions’ classic ‘Fly To The Rainbow – and a beautifully filmed live DVD of Therion performing ‘Theli’ in its entirety – complete with a supporting cast of myriad backing singers (and a belly dancer) – in Budapest in 2007, which superbly captures both the power and the essence of the album.


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