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Written by Rob Watkins   
Tuesday, 24 March 2015 03:20

feralsuncover300Inspired by the likes of Stone Sour, Alter Bridge, Trivium and Karnivool, Feral Sun are part of a hard-hitting British Rock scene attempting to break out big in 2015 and here with their debut album, 'Evacuate'.


The London Towners spring into action with 'Find A Way' and instantly there's an obvious click, well a click of sorts, for the genre in question: the band certainly have something, whatever that may be.


'Alone', and tracks such as title track, 'Evacuate', hit the mark with some rather splendid riffage and a powerful vocal pattern - this group sure has something to say, musically speaking; if they can take things to the next level is a totally different matter altogether, but let's just focus on this record in the here and now.


With a Skindred support under their belts amongst others, the foursome are indeed getting it out there to the masses and with these heavier melodic rock tunes, I'm sure those aforementioned masses will no doubt grasp this fully.


Alongside the title track 'Long Road' and 'Breathe' are previous singles released from this opus but although these compositions go so far and are certainly well crafted and so forth, there, for me personally speaking, remains a lack of killer hooks and commercial elements herein and no matter how heavy you get, that harmony or that lick or hook is vitally important but sadly lacking here.




To pick up your copy of 'Evacuate' - CLICK HERE