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Written by Phil Cooper   
Wednesday, 01 March 2017 04:00

Wrath From Above artworkHailing from Nantes, France, Wrath From Above are here to deliver a brand of Russian themed punishing death metal that has the sole purpose of blowing the listeners head off and deafen anybody that happens to be in the near vicinity of the album playing. ‘Beyond Ruthless Cold’ is the debut offering from the three piece and provides eleven tracks packed full of themes ranging from war and hatred to Panzers.


Opening with the ominous sounds of war, gunfire and tank rumblings. ‘Beyond Ruthless Cold’ states it intent early on that this is not going to be an easy listening album. ‘Prevail’ is the first music track and is also the lead single from the album and its immediately obvious where this band are coming from. Punishing blast beats, guttural (at times incomprehensible vocals) and ferocious drop tuned guitar riffs. All the hall marks of death metal akin to the likes of Anaal Nathrakh are present here and there is no respite.


Moving on through the album via ‘Permafrost’ right through to ‘Storm The Sky’ and album closer ‘Everlast’ there is a relentless pace throughout the album. It’s a sonic war machine that offers only the briefest pause in the form of ‘Scorched Ground (interlude)’ which, like the opening track, is a soundscape of war with tank rumblings and gun fire. This part is also the only moment within the tracklist that offers any form of variation. At the first listen it is a challenge to decipher where one track ends and another begins due to the sonic similarities. Pick any track (apart from the title track and ‘Scorched…) and you’d be hard pressed to discern it from any other.



This lack of variation does make it a difficult album to stick with; however, it does also allow for the brutal themes that the band are getting across to be thoroughly cemented in the listener’s mind. It’s also worth noting that this is a hell of noise for a three piece to make and they should certainly be saluted for that. If you’re new to the Death Metal genre and are looking for a gateway in, this is probably not the best place to start but if you’re keen to get heavier with your metal then and get a hefty dose of aural punishment, ‘Beyond Ruthless Cold’ can provide an answer to what you seek.


‘Beyond Ruthless Cold’ is out now. You can stream or buy your copy HERE.




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