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Written by Nev Brooks   
Wednesday, 01 March 2017 04:30

Bankrupt Pug artI love something that sits outside the norm, something that stretches you a bit, makes you rethink and this EP, which appeared in my inbox certainly made me smile - and not just at the band’s name.


You take an energetic frontman who also plays bass, a monster drummer, two unpredictable guitarists and a unhinged multi-instrumentalist, shove all three of them in a band together and this is the result… or so their social media tells you!!


First listen and I’m thinking, hint of Wonk Unit, maybe a bit of Pizza Tramp definite punk underpinnings. Second listen I’m hearing bits of the Dead Shed Jokers, before everything takes off and I’m well into the insanity of something completely different to all three. It holds on to the punk underpinnings but pulls in lots of outside influence. There’s even an accordion (I think) in track three, ‘Golf, Strangling Animals And Masturbation’ - gotta go out as the song title of the year!


‘Marshmallow’ that follows it is anything but soft, the incessant guitar picking at the brain, while also hinting at the Urban Voodoo Machine briefly before diving into a hyperactive drum beat, before the bass slows you right back down to Earth.


But let’s slow things down: we got to the end before we’d even started… bit of a premature ending, Opening track ‘Adopt/Adapt/Improve’ nails the flag to the mast: punk as fuck, this sits comfortably within the Dead Kennedys reach, but there’s a bit of something else I can’t quite nail down.


Second track in, ‘Why So Seagullrious?’ dives right into Wonk Unit territory, and you can just see the live mosh pit: this probably sits as my favourite on the EP. My next thought was where can I catch these guys live? I’d love to see a full set and the insanity that would very definitely be involved.


This is great!! Unhinged definitely, hardcore undoubtedly, punk as but setting itself out as something just a little bit different. Scoot over to Bandcamp, give it a listen and more to the point purchase you won’t regret it.


‘I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing’ is out now.


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