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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 06 March 2017 04:30

Cyanide Pills artworkEighteen tracks of the most switched on succinct, relevant power poppin' punk rock you will hear all year.  I could go through the album track by track and break down each and every single clever lyric or observant poetically witty twist and turn, but we'd be here for days and I still wouldn't be able to do 'Sliced and Diced' the  justice it deserves.


'Stop And Search' is lyrically spot on, (but then so is pretty much every song they sing):  amidst all its blunt and thumping rhythm, Cyanide Pills can't put a foot wrong as the song hammers home what a damn good punk rock ‘n’ roll band we have on our hands. 'Still Bored' is one and a half minutes of genius - fuck even I can pogo to this bad boy as it takes its lead from the likes of Buzzcocks at their best. Anyone who's ever heard this magnificent band will know that, whilst there is nothing original about them at all, from their uniform of skinny jeans and biker jackets to their choice of weapons, they have class and style: it’s all timeless and fits perfectly with their sound.  You know a Cyanide Pills song within two seconds of it coming on - and that, my friends, isn't easy to pull off!


They even have time to apologise to alien species who might hear this record for the appalling creatures that are humans on 'Earthlings'… that is if any ET's can work out what lies behind their thick Yorkshire dialect and sharp leather jackets.  It's not all 100 miles an hour you know, as 'Laid Off' has some right bluesy licks as the pace lays back and takes things easy before 'Big Mistake' throbs in with an absolutely blinding rhythm as the guitars clash on the chorus  before we drop back into the groove.  How the fuck isn't a song like this not number one on the hit parade?  It’s class, from the solid beat and throbbing bassline to the chiming guitar and the hook laden vocals to those gang vocals that are as bubblegum as the Shangri Las.


They've even got room here to wedge in the past single 'Government', which just about hits the nail right on top of its stupid head regardless of if it's pig fucker mob or the evil crow Theresa May's lot. "This fuckin' Governments robbing me blind". Amen to that. Thank fuck I've got an awesome soundtrack to sooth my soul whilst I'm being taken the piss out of. Her Majesty's Government should have this blasted to them from drones over the Houses of Parliament.


I was asked what my favourite song on the album was earlier, and I actually thought about it before I realised how futile a prospect that was.  Sure 'Razorblade' has some great guitar on the build up to go with the chorus, and 'No Strings Attached' is a punked up twelve bar bar fight.  'Say You Will' is all pencil tie and white background video shoot, all setting the scene for a great chorus and vocals to make the likes of Kurt Baker sit up and take note. I'll not even mention the Heartbreakers romp that is 'Cut Me Loose', all set to some fabulous Chuck Berry riff-a-rama.


Enough, enough, enough! I'm not sure how much I can take of this showing off.  Cyanide Pills are too bloody good for their own good. They know they write superb songs with superb lyrics and to pick holes would be futile - and just about nigh on impossible.  There simply isn't any weakness other than there is too much on offer! (is too much of a good thing a weakness?):  it's overwhelming. Another thing: 'Took Too Much' is almost prog, clocking in at almost three minutes! (what are they thinking?). I thought I was going to have to buy a cape and start pogoing on one leg like a crane: but, fear not folks, I'm just yanking your punk rock chains.



'Pre-Emptive Strike' is triumphant, whereas 'In The Back Of A Car' is there to let you know these boys know how to knock out some immaculate 1-2-3-4 punk rock when needed. Closing the album with the chugging 'Waiting (For You To Call Me)' is like the most cocky full fuckin' stop you're going to hear… what a tune!


Album of the year might be a brave call, but it won't be far off. I know it's only early, but I absolutely know this album will be played and played and played, over and over again - until they release another album I suppose.  Cyanide Pills should be fuckin' huge - everyone should be championing them for their sheer awesomeness and most excellent songwriting skills. Quite simply - brilliant!! You need to own this record!


‘Sliced & Diced’ is released on Friday (10 March).  You can get your copy HERE.


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