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Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 03 March 2011 05:30

fromacity176Grimsby Town, a seaport in Lincolnshire not famed for providing us with many (if any) rock 'n' roll bands, may just have a bright new hope eager to put their name on the map.


From A City In Ruins are four young guys with two years and 200 plus shows under their collective belts and 'Fin! Fin! Fin!' is their debut single. Coming on like Joy Division jamming with The Horrors, I am instantly impressed, the catchy bass line and the Cure-like, chorus heavy, echo guitars compliment the sneering vocals of Adam Lond. Their chosen name suggests a need to break out from their surroundings, and there is a certain bleakness to their sound yet it's still catchy and upbeat.


The single is backed with 'Introverts' which has a definite late 70's/early 80's goth punk feel to it, bringing to mind early material from The Cult. Quoted as "quite fantastical" and I couldn't put it better myself. The only problem I have with this CD is that it only has two tracks, I want more! 


It may be grim up North but these bright young hopefuls have that certain something that makes a band stand out from the crowd, be it passion, cool suss or just their mix of influences. With a full length album hopefully on the way, From A City In Ruins are definitely ones to keep an eye on.