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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 05:00

rhinobucket176Californian rockers Rhino Bucket are back with another album choc full of bad boy riffage ala DC and crack on cranking out eleven dirty stinking riffs for our listening pleasure. With a few tweaks to the line up which now boasts former Kix six stringer Brian 'Damage' Forsythe, we get more ballsy hard rock than you can shake a shitty stick at. Purveyors of riffola will lap this up, from the opening chords on 'Message In My Bottle' to the kerchang of 'Rare Beauty' and everything in between. 

I've always been down with the bad boy boogie of the Rhinos and 2011 sees them keeping on keeping on; the title track has a crunching riff that if Angus and the boys had written the media would be wetting their Y-fronts over and on tracks like 'Her Way' the Bucket get their collective rocks off with some wonderful axe work as the song beats out its rhythm. A great job on the production front gives this timeless sound a fresh lift. 'Jokes On You' has a neat hook and the rumble on the bass that takes you back to when bands like the Four Horsemen ruled the rock 'n' roll world. 


Don't let bands like Rhino Bucket pass you by or simply dismiss them as a clone AC/DC for the Californian beach babes because there is more to them than that and I wouldn't be so disrespectful to their pedigree to trade them off as that. Check 'em out if you love a bit of classic rock 'n' boogie with songs about booze, birds and rock 'n' roll, you'll soon find yourself delving into the back catalogue which doesn't veer too far from the tried and tested path but then that's not the aim here - it's to shake some shit and play some loud guitared rock and on that front 'Who's Got Mine?' ticks the box. Take 'Hollywood And Wine', with its cool swagger, or 'Something For Nothing' with enough choruses and guitar licks to take Rhino Bucket to the top of the riffola league table. Cool? Fuckin' right it is. No bullshit, no flowery sweetie lyrics, no synth strings layering the choruses, just good honest hard rockin'! Try some.