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Written by Gaz E   
Friday, 02 March 2012 05:30

truckerdiabloOriginally released in 2010, the debut album from Northern Ireland mob Trucker Diablo, 'The Devil Rhythm', has been picked up by Californian independent hard rock record label Ripple Music and now, in 2012, finds itself getting re-released, and happily re-pushed, in a repackaged edition that offers three bonus tracks, two taken from the band's appearance at last year's Download festival.


They look a gnarly bunch, these truckers. Opening track 'Drink Beer, Destroy' confirms that the chances of them sharing their Yorkie bars with you are slim. Coming on like something from the two albums from the Almighty that featured Supercharger's Nick Parsons on guitar and vocals, this ice breaker of a track ploughs out of the speakers and into your life with zero regard for road safety: a heavy yet catchy tune of real quality.


That Almighty influence might not be coincidental; second track 'Juggernaut' features (current Thin Lizzy frontman and former full force lovin' machine) Ricky Warwick smearing the chorus with his obvious talent, only adding to an already great song. 'Big Truck' adds a touch of Clutch to the mix before unveiling a hook big enough to catch the most elusive of rubber ducks. 'Voodoo' starts with swampy, southern menace before opening up in rip-roaring classic rock fashion, before 'Never Too Late To Sin' cranks everything up and hits the police blockade with great force - a real highlight; heavy and wholly memorable.


'Black And Blue' just adds life to that similarity to Warwick's former outfit, a welcome similarity it has to be said. 'When Angels Die' opens with that southern barroom-tinged big rock sound that probably got the band their recent support slots on the Irish leg of the Black Stone Cherry tour. In fact, as much as I would heartily recommend this album to fans of those pesky Black Spiders and anyone seriously missing The Almighty, it has to be said that there is a definite streak present throughout the album that should appeal to those 'music fans' of a particular bent towards the current version of US stadium rock; girls as I like to call them. 'Stand Up And Fight' will butter these people up with its catchiness while 'Dirty Love' will have them singing their cheap hearts out, such is the quality of its massive hook. 'Rattlehead', thankfully, lets the men back into the party and grooves with a fat, again southern-influenced, riff.


Bonus track 'Running Scared' plays us out - access to the two digital-only live tracks available with purchase of this album - and another catchy, heavy of riff, classic rock sounding monster it is.


'The Devil Rhythm' is a remarkably consistent album, with only the briefest of weak points, Death Star exhaust vent-like, threatening its power and might. I'm guessing that Trucker Diablo simply slay live and it's a shame that they couldn't have shoe-horned their way onto the forthcoming Thin Lizzy UK tour because behind the aforementioned Black Spiders and the Warwick-fronted Lizzy (who, let's be honest, are as good as the classic band are ever gonna be, post-Lynott) would be the perfect fit for this greasy bunch of rockers. Who knows, maybe The Treatment will get grounded for not cleaning their rooms or something....


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