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Written by Rob Watkins   
Friday, 02 March 2012 05:00

Jeff_Scott_Soto'Damage Control' is the fifth official solo release from the renowned vocalist Jeff Scott Soto, someone who has sang on too many to mention albums of various musical styles, but beginning with Yngwie Malmsteen many moons back before slowly becoming the singer's number to have on any melodic rock group searching for a singer's speed-dial...


A heavy slice of melodic riffing slides the opus into gear on 'Give A Little More', a track that breaks into that trademark Soto vocal performance that builds nicely towards a choral arrangement that borrows just a tad from Foreigner's 'Say You Will' and some flowing solo guitar work that all mixes it down into a decent tune despite the elements of plagiarism. A similar guitar drive kick starts the title track 'Damage Control' a listenable and enjoyable little ditty. 'Look Inside Your Heart' goes down a more AOR orientated  musical route with a hooky chorus that could easily be yanked out and delivered as a single/video release and as a matter of fact that's just the case. I should also mention that yet again we get a quality grade A vocal performance from Jeff.


And talking of yanking one's another one - 'Die A Little', commerciality at the very top end of the spectrum for this type of recording, and the harmonic melodies are now going up the gears smoothly tune after tune, and 'I'll Never Let Her Go' is a catchy summer's daze kind of track. 'Tears That I Cry' meanwhile has the perfect balanced mixture between melody and rockin' an' rollin', whilst the inevitable piano ballad crops up in the form of 'Bonafide', a lighters in the air moment for the live arena. 


The ever so slight heavy rock cliché rule book comes out both lyrically and musically on 'Krazy World', whilst the beautifully well crafted 'How To Love Again' excels in the songwriting finesse of this particular genre. The fretwork takes over large on 'Afterworld' which is an infectious groovy singalong memorable tune, and  'Neverending War' closes the album on what appears to be a more serious note and also maintains the level of musicianship and songwriting at the highest level, something Jeff manages to do pretty much throughout this entire project.


'Damage Control' is a worthy listen indeed for any admirer of the American melodic rock market.


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