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Written by Tazz Stander   
Monday, 08 March 2010 08:00


HOF_SnakesCalifornian trio High on Fire have patented their style on their fifth studio album 'Snakes For The Divine' whilst sharpening, darkening and speeding ahead of anything they have done in the past. If I were a bloke, I would have a raging boner whilst listening such sheer musical perfection! It's been an absolute age since I heard such an impressive cannonade of drumming and note worthy riffs on an album.   


'Snakes For the Divine' introduces the album with one of the cleanest, most precise and catchy riffs known to axemen. When singer/guitarist Matt Pike bellows, "Rise up tonight" above the din, it sounds remarkable, ragged and sour, yet so perfectly right in the bone-rattling context of the song.


'Frost Hammer' follows in break neck thrashing Mastodon style. The harmonising is a prime example of things you can expect, that you would not anticipate hearing on an H.O.F album.  'Bastard Samurai' is a Sabbath inspired doom track full of Iommi inspired riffs, slowing to a molten-lava crawl. 'Ghost Neck', 'The Path' and 'Fire Flood & Plague' carries on at a rampaging pace with Pike's bellowing barks and throaty war cries.


'How Dark We Pray' meanwhile is an impressive eight minute plus barrage neatly combining the band's Sabbath inclinations and their more aggressive, speedy side with Maiden darting in and out whilst featuring some of Pike's most melodic and expressive soloing to date. Vocally his hoarse, abrasive, Lemmy-esque style seem more powerful and varied here than on any of High On Fire's past records. 


This album is an unrelenting tour de force and I think that High On Fire is finally poised for World Domination.