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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 15 March 2010 07:30

strawberry-blondes-fight-backIf the East Coast has got Roger Miret and The Disasters and the West Coast has Rancid, what of this side of the Atlantic I hear you ponder? 


Well, we gave them The Clash, UK Subs and we even gave them The Specials. They digested it and certainly spat it back at us with aplomb and kudos for that, but it's about time we showed them that it isn't an American style at all - they only borrowed it. 


Having already supported genre giants Rancid on tour, it is time for this bunch of Newport hooligans to unleash their second long player on the world and, in fairness, unleash it they do, with 15 punchy full blooded punk rock odes to brotherhood, friendship, non-conformity, isolation, materialism.... oh fuck it, this cd does exactly what it says on the tin. It's all here boys (and girls). Ok, so it isn't breaking new ground but what it does is tread old ground and tread it with an authority and conviction  that can or should see them stand shoulder to shoulder with their more well known American brothers.


The highlights are plentiful; from opener 'Revolution Radio' to the refrain of 'Social Control.' With a tip of the hat to Strummer in some of the phrasings on tracks like 'No Pasaran!' and 'Hang 'Em All High' and some more obvious doffing to the boys from Campbell, what they have done is appreciate the best and twist it to suit themselves and ring out that mix of old and newer influences. 


If you appreciate good punk then 'Fight Back' should be in your collection - if not, why not? Like my learned Über colleague once said, if you don't get this and where they're coming from then you must be dead! Now buy it - it's a winner. Or I'm sending the boys around to moon stomp on your miserable, ungrateful, tasteless 'arris! Let the Fight Back commence.