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Written by David Prince   
Friday, 26 March 2010 07:00

twochoicescoverThis brand spanking new EP from Brighton 4-piece Two Choices is a great introduction to the world through their eyes. As well as a 4 track EP, the physical copy includes their 2007 album 'The Longest Journey', which is a nice touch.

As their P.R. states the band have been influenced by everyone from Elton John to Bon Jovi and Green Day which, having lived with the EP and album for a while, shows that a truer word has never been spoken. With this sound you can hear everything bar the kitchen sink in there. The keyboard gives the songs a very modern yet pop edge and the guitars scream Green Day/The Offspring.

This band will be touring for most of 2010 and given the band's motto of "Get out there, get heard" will put them in a good place to be as these songs need to be heard and loved. Singer Ash Plank has a voice that begs to be loved and given time will hopefully succeed.

Onto the album, 'The Longest Journey'; you can clearly see the progression in the production and songwriting with the new EP. The band has learned from their tentative beginning to become the class act that they currently are.

This is a band I will keep an eye on as their potential is immense.