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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 03:20

voodoovegasalbumcoverVoodoo Vegas are worth you investigating - it might not be original and they certainly aren't the new GN'R as I read some place else, but they've got a certain charm and swagger that you can't help but want to hear more of.


'King Without A Crown' introduces us to the band and it's lifted straight outta the late eighties with hints of Tesla (partly due to the vocals which are a cross between Jeff Keith and Axl Rose) and any good time rocking band from back in the day. In fact this is a bonus point for this bunch as they keep it pretty short and sharp throughout, with the album clocking up just 34 minutes so they don't have time for filler.


'Bullet' flies from the chamber to sit perfectly next to the opening track and is more of the dirty rock these South Coast bad asses specialise in - add a guitar break and you've got yourself an old skool special coming out of your speakers; one of the highlights on this album. 'No More', with its bass intro, has to be a crowd favourite with guitar licks fighting with vocals over who's to own this piece of the pie. 'Mary Jane' is another piece of fast paced rock that hints at not only Pretty Boy Floyd but has a touch of Rocky Horror campness about it (and how many more bands can name a song with this title ffs?) 'What I Pay' goes acoustic and displays a different side that is not out of place despite its obvious pace change. 'Ferry Song' sees them go down the Quireboys/Faces route and for me it's a tad cabaret, but you can feel the enthusiasm that they attack it with.


'Lost In Confusion' is an emotional rocker that wouldn't be out of place on a BBC drama showcasing depressed couples, but it certainly is a tale from the heart that can't be bashed and is another solid track on this debut, proof that they're not a one trick pony. 'So Unkind' is pure Tesla, this is the band shooting from their Southern hip, it may not be American Southern but all the swagger and pomp of a band knowing their stuff is on display and sounds good.


Voodoo Vegas are currently out on the road promoting this and you'd certainly not be wasting your money if they step into a club near you - treat yourself, I'm sure that this band with these songs can't really go wrong at this stage.




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