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Written by Ross Welford   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 04:00

alkbottlecoverYou don’t have to be a German rocket scientist to work out exactly what this band are all about - the fact they’re called Alkbottle and have song titles such as 'Der Alkochrist', 'Bottlehead', '6 Bier' and 'Pausenbottle', plus the album title, all point to their love of the sauce.


The music is decent rock 'n' roll coupled with a metal edge but all the in-jokes and alcoholic references are simply lost because this band only sing in their native tongue, therefore leaving the non-German understanding fans rather lost. They’re a hit in Germanic speaking countries though and you can understand why from the music - you can imagine the drunken hordes bellowing along at open air festivals - so the vibe does come through, you just don’t get ‘it’.


They dress in black, they give the finger in promo shoots and they’re all old enough to know better but simply love it. You know exactly what they sound like...........


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