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Written by Rich Hobson   
Friday, 24 April 2015 03:20

Milk TeethKicking off like a rocket-fuelled head butt straight to your headbanging genes, ‘Sad Sack’ the latest release from Bristol punks Milk Teeth is the sound of a band very much ready to put the bite onto the British rock scene. Formed in 2013, in just two short years the band has taken the nation by the short and curlies with their mix of aggressive Alt Rock, Pop n Punk with the dual vocal assault of bassist Becky and guitarist Josh providing a new power to angst ridden rock ‘n’ roll.


Coming out like a mix of two parts Nirvana, The Pixies and Weezer with an added one part zest of Hole and Babes In Toyland, the band sound like they’d be right at home in Seattle or Washington if it weren’t for the thunderous cacophony they make which assures that they’d scare the shit out of any band they share the stage with.


Pulling the trigger on the EP is ‘Vitamins’, a mosh-in-a-can tune with a screeching riff that will have you bouncing off the walls like Tigger on meth. A crashing rock ‘n’ roll tune with a sweet as honeyed heroin vocal line, ‘Vitamins’ is the sound of a band not giving any quarter.


Follow up ‘Mellon Blade’ is a little more sedate, in a Weezer kind of way; it’s a powerful pop tune which still takes names on its way to your brain.


As opposed to the first EP which was pretty Josh heavy on vocals this one seems to be giving more stage to Becky, though when Josh does chip in it’s to add a deeper visceral howl which kicks harder than a napalm fuelled mule. This is readily apparent on ‘Linda’, where vocal duties get split more evenly to make a great aural duality which is at once sweet and vicious as a bastard.


Kurt Cobain is almost in the room on ‘Bagels’, whose distorted clatter brings to mind fellow UK noisy bastards God Damn albeit with a more layered stream of screaming thunder. The sound of a punk breakdown, this record could stand toe to toe with heavyweights like Black Flag’s ‘Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie’ or Iggy’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog” for the sound of total eardrum obliteration.


And talking of the Igster if you take a gut churning bass and give it a thumping drumbeat and you’ve got ‘No Fun’ (not a cover version I might add), a track with more sinister tones than a midnight séance with Charles Manson. “I’m in decline” snarls Josh, but the record definitely ain’t and it seems to just get more and more rabid with each track.


Which makes it almost tragic that ‘Trampoline’ is the last track of the EP, with a suitably jumpy vibe that makes you think of slo-mo crowd shots and sweaty gig halls - something the band are more than acquainted with (especially giving their fans mad bastard reactions at local shows I’ve attended in Birmingham and Cheltenham).


The sound of a band with many nuances, ‘Sad Sack’ might just be the launch pad the band need to get to bigger audiences; expect to see them very soon on a big stage near you.


‘Sad Sack’ is available to download on iTunes, Spotify and via the Bandcamp link below


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