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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 05 April 2016 03:20

kingzebracoverWhen the very first song you write is called 'Glamrock City', you know you're veering down a path well-trodden... Regardless of the fact that King Zebra are not one bit original, you cannot help but love their '80s simplicity and love of the rock 'n' roll genre (in their defence, you have to do something pretty out there and weird to be different/original these days).


With band member names such as Chip Leather and Tom Hoochy Coo, you know this band are here for world domination - if it was 1988 - alas, the time for this style of music making the band millionaires may be long gone but 'Wild! Wild! Wild!' is a blast from start to finish. Accomplished songs with enough anthemic fist punching lyrics and melodies to lift you out of the doldrums that are real life.


This is the Swiss band's second album and it's one that should at least get them mentioned in the same breath as Reckless Love and Santa Cruz and, maybe unlike RL, they're still loving and chasing the dream of being Def Leppard or Poison for another generation.


With songs such as the polished rocker 'Penny Hollywood', the uptempo drum blast of 'Wild Animals', the anti-authority 'Too Many Rules', or the obligatory (and damn decent) ballad, 'Purple Roses', King Zebra have delivered an album that should be heard without prejudice. While Steel Panther will always split the rock community for their continued success, it's often forgotten that they write excellent songs and that is the one thing that so often lets bands of this genre down. They may have the look, they may have the style and they may have the backing of a music label but too often they simply only have half an album of decent music - King Zebra are one step ahead already in that respect.


Yes, it will probably remind you of a few bands from back in the day but KZ have managed to make a loud, bombastic and highly professional sounding album that may just sneak into your '80s playlists unnoticed. A bigger compliment there cannot be.


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