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Written by Phil Cooper   
Friday, 01 April 2016 03:20

CandleboxSince 1993 Candlebox have been delivering their brand of alternative rock to the masses selling over five million albums since their debut release. There’s been a three year gap since their last long player ‘Love Stories And Other Musings’ now they are back with their multi-platinum infectious sound that has made them such a genre leading influence, ‘Disappearing In Airports’ offers twelve tracks (including two bonus tracks) of signature Candlebox catchy alt-rock material featuring Dave Krusen on drums (drummer on Pearl Jam’s ‘TEN’). What does their sixth album have in store?


Heading straight for the lead single ‘Vexacious’ a no holds barred attack on today’s social media trends. Intelligent lyrics and vocal phrasing courtesy of Kevin Martin are the key to this social commentary, however the band too are on top form musically. Catchy and infectious hooks are found left, right, and centre and the whole band feels tight delivering the trade mark Candlebox sound. At the same time there is an open and free feeling to track, which is testament to the production skills of Matt Dalton.


Another highlight on this album is ‘I’ve Got A Gun’, an excellent guitar hook opens the track before a funk laced groove takes over and blows the whole thing wide open. This track has some serious foot stomping qualities with the powerful bass and drums anchoring the music and the big anthemic chorus lines that punctuate the guitar led verses. With its searing guitar solo and extremely infectious sound coupled with call and response chorus sections; ‘I’ve Got A Gun’ is definitely going to be a hit on the live stage.


Beginning with a simple guitar chord progression before developing into a full on rock number ‘The Bridge’ showcases further the grunge/alt-rock sound that made Candlebox such favourites throughout the 1990s. A faster paced number than others found on the album, ‘The Bridge’ rattles along delivering a fist in the air style chorus and memorable verse lines. In direct contrast ‘Spotlights’ is a slow, reflective track. The guitar chords are given a wash of reverb and chorus effects that creates a subtle chime in order to compliment the poetic style lyrics. The chorus cuts through the mix nicely added by the addition of the drums and the key change directly lifts the tone. A very well crafted track that offers diversity into the Candlebox sound found on this album.


The two bonus tracks ‘Keep On Waiting’ and ‘All That We Got’ close the album. The latter opening with a jaunty piano line that remains a mainstay driving the track forward and the rest of the instrumentation fits around like a jigsaw puzzle. The whole track develops a blues like style, offering a nice contrast to the grungier elements found elsewhere. ‘Disappearing In Airports’ represents an excellent return to form for Candlebox. From the lyrical content right through to the musicianship displayed it’s clear that they have lost none of their fire over the last three years. It’s a very well produced album, bringing out the best of the sound that the band can offer. Tracks like ‘I Want It Back’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘Spotlights’ as well as the current lead single are sure to be favourites with the radio stations and should see that old and new fans of Candlebox will enjoy this offering.


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