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Written by Phil Cooper   
Thursday, 07 April 2016 03:40

White MilesHailing from Austria and formed in 2011, White Miles are a blues/stoner rock duo comprising Medina on guitar/vocals and Lofi on drums. They’ve recently been supporting Eagles Of Death Metal on their run of European dates as well as sharing a stage with the likes of The Answer, Courtney Love and John Garcia. They’ve taken time out from extensive live shows to get in the studio and commit their sound to tape. The result is ‘The Duel’ the second full length album from the Tyrolean duo. Offering us eleven tracks of self described ‘dirty pole dance stoner blues rock’ and produced by Courtney Love guitarist Micko Larkin. So, have White Miles laid down the gauntlet for ‘The Duel’?


Kicking off with ‘Sickly Nerves’ the powerful vocals of Medina open up the album to what we can expect from White Miles. Full of blues emotion and delivered like a sledge hammer when combined with the drums and guitar it’s clear why the stripped down sound of these guys has been so popular with audiences. It highlights the stoner side of their particular style with its deep brooding groove that becomes almost hypnotic.   The pace of the album picks up with ‘Crazy Horse’ the current lead single. An excellent blues guitar hook courtesy of Medina forms the intro before the powerful drums of Lofi kick in. One of the catchiest numbers on ‘The Duel’, ‘Crazy Horse’ rattles along at a fair lick with an excellent foot stomping rhythm.


‘Insane To The Bone’ and ‘Heid’ offer more of the stoner side of the White Miles sound that was introduced on the opening track. Powerful, insistent drum beats form the underlying foundation for the hypnotic guitar riffs whilst the vocals cut through the mix delivering a heady mix of blues emotion and stoner imagery that marries up with the music seamlessly. ‘A Good Pennyworth’ is an electric blues tour de force. This track is packed full of blues rock hooks and like ‘Crazy Horse’ is another of the tracks on this album that will definitely get stuck on the internal jukebox.


By far the heaviest number on this album is ‘A (n) Garde’.   Medina’s guitar kicks in with a phaser effect with heavy distortion forming the main guitar riff before Lofi’s drums build up and set the frantic pace for this track. There are elements of The White Stripes to be found on this track with the dynamic shift in the drum beats and powerful guitar drone; however it is most definitely an individual sound that White Miles have created here. If it was possible for a guitar/drum duo to create a song that was even more stripped down than what they had previously offered, White Miles have managed it with ‘Don’t You Know Him’. This track is only fifty seven seconds in length and features only Lofi creating a dark, evocative track using only spoken word.


All round this is an excellent offering from White Miles. They’ve delivered an album packed full of blues that would sound right at home on the banks of the Mississippi just check out tracks like ‘Crazy Horse’, ‘A Good Pennyworth’ and the acoustic ‘Coke On A Jetplane’. Coupled with the blues power they’ve incorporated a hefty mix of stoner rock tracks like ‘In The Mirror’, ‘Insane To The Bone’ and album closer ‘Keep Your Trippin Wild’. This melting pot serves to deliver a unique style that gives White Miles an edge, they’ve got a full on sound that leaves nothing out and the fact that they can do all this as just a duo definitely makes them ones to watch out for.





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