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Written by Phil Cooper   
Tuesday, 12 April 2016 03:20

BABYMETALFew bands have caused such a divisive stir in the rock and metal community in recent years in the way that BABYMETAL have. Hated by many and enjoyed by lots, the Japanese phenomenon have been gaining traction since their first album was released in 2014. When they first appeared on the radar the three piece consisting of Su- Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal along with their backing band were widely regarded as a novelty act with tracks such as ‘Gimme Chocolate’ and ‘Doki Doki Morning’. However as time has progressed so the novelty factor has waned and with the release of their second album along with massive stadium shows in their native Japan as well as headlining Wembley over here, is it time to take BABYMETAL seriously?


Blasting into the first track ‘Road Of Resistance’ a full on power/battle metal style number akin to something from Dragonforce with its blistering guitar work and soaring vocal melody. ‘Karate’ offers up a dose of the BABYMETAL sound that we all know and love (?) A big heavy metal riff and drum beat drives the song through its verse sections before a dynamic shifty that lifts the chorus into a poppy and very catchy refrain. With its use of samples in the introduction and three part vocal harmonies working overtime, ‘YAVA!’ comes across as the most pop style of the tracks on the album. Insanely catchy and very difficult to get rid of, it offers the other part of the BABYMETAL style of metal and J-pop fusion.


‘Meta Taro’ and ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ standout on the album because they offer more of a darker metal twist to the BABYMETAL sound that we’ve heard thus far with the former featuring guttural Amon Amarth style backing vocals which create an extreme juxtaposition with the three girls’ voices. With the exception of the tracks mentioned and ‘No Rain, No Rainbow’ a gentle vocal and piano number, there is little variation on ‘Metal Resistance’ each track tends to blend with the next one and as it can at times become quite jarring to the ears as such listening for extended periods of time is difficult. It’s not music to drive to.


Overall though ‘Metal Resistance’ is a bit of fun, but if you already don’t like BABYMETAL it won’t change your mind because it’s largely the same music we’ve heard before but with some added variations. If you’re a fan (and evidently there are many) then it’s a “must have” because it’s built on their current success and is definitely worth your time. If like me and you’re on the fence about the whole J-pop/metal mash up then give it a go and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised (or not). Like them or loath them, BABYMETAL are going to be for a while longer yet and this album goes someway to proving that.


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