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Written by Phil Cooper   
Monday, 25 April 2016 03:40

Chisel BeechesTaking their name from the Ian McEwan novella ‘On Chesil Beach’ forming back in 2014 and hailing from Surrey, four-piece alternative rock band Chisel Beeches are a band that has undergone a few changes with regards to their song writing and musicianship. They have continued to grow and evolve their sound in order to create technically challenging music that is easily accessible for the listener and entertaining. Now they’re here with a six track EP that was recorded over just three sessions in Surrey with Chris Coulter at the production helm. So, what do Chisel Beeches have to offer?


Right from the get go with lead sing ‘Take You Home’ it’s clear that these guys are keen on writing catchy hooks and melodies. Indeed it only takes one listen before their sound is stuck on the internal jukebox. The track kicks off with a heavy guitar riff accompanied by pounding drums before it settles into the verse. Dual guitar work from Steve and Chad push the song forward while the rhythm section of Matt (bass) and Stevie (drums) complete the line up and compliment the driving force of the sound.


One of the most technical songs on the EP and also the catchiest is ‘Tracy’. With its memorable verse hook in both vocal melody from Chad and accompanying guitar riff it moves into an easy to sing along to chorus. The technical proficiency of the band members comes to the forefront with this track as it is clear that there is a lot going on here. Once past the initial catchy hooks and melodies, there are several intricate breakdowns within the music, some very exact and well executed time shifts as well as the excellent interplay between all of the instrumentation.


‘Ghosts’ provides another highlight on the EP. Beginning with an unassuming bass line before a gentle delay washed guitar line introduces the songs verse. ‘Ghosts’ ebbs and flows with well placed dynamics, building up to a powerful chorus. Again it is possible to pick out the high levels of musicianship within the band as the music that underpins the vocals is very technical, yet the song as a whole comes across as a jaunty catchy rock number.


It’s testament to the talent of the band members of Chisel Beeches that the music they have delivered here on this EP is of a high technical ability. Yet when they blend it all together they are able to create tracks that are easy and entertaining to listen to. The songwriting also fits into this as they are able to touch on a number of everyday, relate able subjects; ‘Take You Home’ is about being a designated driver with pitfalls included and ‘Bloke Next Door’ is about living next door to an undesirable. Each song has a different lyric commentary that can be picked apart or can just be played loud and sung along to. Overall their sound fits in with other contemporary acts such as Don Broco and Twin Atlantic, yet Chisel Beeches have an extra edge through their technicality that sets them slightly apart.


Ones to watch out for.


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