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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 09 April 2017 04:00

A bulging bag of single goodness this month with a few late entries but once again we sift through the dross so you don't have to spend your glue money on rubbish singles every week.  From all parts of the rock and roll world this month has a few outstanding entries, with The Sweet Things, The Fiascos and Scumbag Millionaires easily a head and shoulders above this month's offerings. There are plenty here to cater for all tastes so why not dive in and check out what we have to offer?


The Sweet Things Love To LeaveThe Sweet Things – ‘Love To Leave’ (Spaghetty Town Records)


Oh boy, anyone up for some sweet ass kicking rock and roll that harks back to vintage good time New York Dolls or maybe when the Black Crowes first hit the scene and knew how to shake their money maker? Well let me introduce The Sweet Things.  Hailing from New Yawk City, these cats sure know how to rock and roll. From the triumphant opening bars of 'Love To Leave', I'm in no doubt that these boys get it! You know 'IT'? That magic ingredient that you can't fake: it’s something that’s in your blood. B side 'Cocaine Ass Licker Blues' is having it, as they stomp out a snotty riff that's part Four Horsemen, part Dead Boys and part Star Spangles - and I'm loving it.  What a fantastic introduction to a band and a mighty fine single to put down on the table as a way of letting people know you’re here and people need to pay attention – absolute belter!


Tommy & The Rockets – ‘Rock N Roll Wrecking Ball’ (Beluga Records/ Ghost Highway Records)


Wooh! Tommy and his Rockets are in da house and they've brought along a super neat four track single that is stacked full of mighty fine power pop. From 'Get Ready', it's all Californian sunshine power pop: it’s like The Ramones never went to Rockaway Beach or the Beach Boys never went surfin'. Power pop over to and grab a copy on red 7" its a lot of sunshine on one record.  Four tracks packed in for value.  The title track has the edge for a quick blast on the waltzers as you spin round and round, the guitar playing will have you all smiling and reaching for the tennis racket before those killer backing vocals lay you out.  Great EP.


The Fiascos - 'Destroy The Radio' (Self-Released)


What a tight little beat combo with a huge sound - and when I say huge I mean HUGE! A catchy as fuck (what else were you expecting with these guys?) double A side CD single (also available digitally). It's got a hook big enough to snag an orca.  Two singles in and already I want that album.  Can't split these two but if I really had to, I might go for the aa side of 'Until I Sleep': single of the month? You bet it is! You know where to click.



Devious Ones – ‘Djarum Summers’ (No Front Teeth)


Like some modern day Buzzcocks meets alt punk rock kids, this haunting and addictive 7" has a vocal melody being sung over some thrashing blunt guitar riffs whilst the tempo is solid and, before you're left wondering what just happened, we're off like a fuckin fighter plane. Just may be America's answer to Los Pepe. 'Court Clothes' is rapid and straight out of the chunky manic riff-ola that The Ramones taught us. Yet more quality heaped on the singles club from No Front Teeth.


KnifeyKnifey - 'Tanlines' (Self-Released) 


Hailing from Canada, Knifey play a punk rock alternative sound that part Pavement and part Buzzcocks. Digital only single I'm afraid but a good one all the same a neat hook on the guitar that hints at a post punk vibe with a slight whiff of Dead Kennedys kinda surf guitar sound as well.



Blackwaters - 'Fuck Yea' (Scrubs Records)


These young punks out of the south east - Guildford to be more precise - are and full to bursting with attitude.  You'd be foolish to ignore their music as they kick things off with this middle finger salute to all the insipid hipster shite that’s on offer to young kids in the 21st century: these  punks are a ball of pissed off fury and they already have grasped what it takes to pen a tune.  Quoting Noam Chomsky and with several DIY video singles behind them I expect big things from these, as they are about to embark on UK tour supporting Carl Barat.  Go find this single via Spotify and iTunes: it’s the new way apparently.  Will be interesting when they get around to laying down tracks for a full album, and if its anything like this I'll be happy to jump on board.


Scumbag MillionaireScumbag Millionaire - 'Hey' (Lux Noise Records)


Pressed on a limited 7" single and fuelled on a steady diet of Motörhead and The Hellacopters as well as the soul of the Stooges and MC5, this racket is meant to be played loud and loaded, because that’s exactly how it sounds it was recorded.  Apart from being two superb tunes, Scumbag Millionaire are right on the fuckin' money, from the no holds barred rip ride of 'Hey' to the slower groove of 'Loner',  with its sound like the kinda guy you'd never pick up hitch hiking unless you have a death wish.  About to head out on a short UK tour, these will be like gold dust in the future as people will all want a copy such is the quality on offer. Rock and roll isn't dead at all: its alive and kicking up a shit storm. 



Moron's Morons – ‘Moron's Morons’ (No Front Teeth)


Play this six track 7" on 45 or 33.1/3 it matters not: it’s loud fast obnoxious and sounds like a fist fight between two rabid dogs on steroids. Recorded in a steel biscuit tin, Moron's Moron don't give two fucks by the sounds of it, and as one speed ball finishes the next is off like the bullet from a gun. Hailing from Warszawa, you can get the gist of where these punks mindset is at as they try to knit together the spirit of Stiv and his Dead Boys and Jay Reatard - and do it well, to be fair, cramming six snotty don't give a fuck punk rock onto one single is a bargain.


Chuck Norris ExperimentChuck Norris Experiment – ‘Ghost Highway’ EP (Ghost Highway Records)


With a brand new album just around the corner, it's time for Chuck Norris Experiment to step up to the singles plate with something a little special. After those Singles Club favourites The Hip Priests released the strange yet supercool 8" single a while back, the Scandinavian death punks have followed suit with a three track EP on Ghost Highway Records out of Spain on super rare limited to 50 copies!!! It features a cover on acoustic guitars of the Misfits classic 'She' as well as 'Right Between The Eyes' from the last album, also on acoustic - something the Chuckies do really well. The A side of this 8" is 'Second Chance': that will please CNE fans. It’s not acoustic but just Chuck’s voice and a distorted guitar.  Be quick as these might have already all gone,  and I wouldn't want you to miss out.


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