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Written by Ross Welford   
Sunday, 10 April 2011 06:00

vivaladecadenceLondon's King Lizard are pretty fuckin' good. You've surely seen the cover plastered in every mag and on every website going? The question is why. The answer really is simple - because it's unashamedly ROCK! Bold, brash and brimming with 'Fuck You' attitude and performed with the arrogance and confidence that only decent musicians can produce without any gimmicks or sideshow.


Coming across like the bastard love-child of Vince Neil and Jizzy Pearl, singer Flash Roxy Sawyer sings with a hint of hatred and a snarl in his throat that the Love/Hate frontman would be proud of. Songs like the title track (and debut single) plus 'Taste The Hate' and 'Hell Yeah' smash out of the speakers with a force that just makes you want to grab a beer and head out for a drunken night of debauchery. 'Kan't Kill Rock N' Roll' sums up the band perfectly - catchy chorus, great solo riffage, screams galore and a thumping attack from drums and bass. Never a one trick pony, they're not afraid to slow it down or change tempo ('Never Be Mine', 'Riot') and always keep you interested no matter what direction they go in - even the ballad 'Not For Me', although a classic style American glam offering, keeps you hooked in for the (tear soaked) ride.


Backed up by Niro Knox (rhythm guitar), Alice Rain (bass) and Sky London on drums, the four piece make a perfect soundtrack to a weekend of partying, UK rock 'n' roll style.


An impressive debut from the English band (co-produced by Rock Ledge Chris Tsangarides info fans) but it's not as great as those breasts......but then they are a seriously fine example (Courtesy of Maria Dee - Yeh, I do research. I check up on the facts for you Uber Fuckers!!)


Add to the growing list of UK talent that's out there - cum join the party, motherfuckers.