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Written by David Whistance   
Saturday, 16 April 2011 05:00

COVERART_OUR_NIGHT_OUTFrom the moment I took my first step and uttered my first words I seem to remember always having a love for music, owning my first album at seven years old and having my head in the latest music magazines whilst other kids my age would be kicking a ball around the park always set me aside from the rest (for some strange reason). So one thing I have always taken away from my musical experiences is that I have acquired (what some might call) an eclectic taste in music. These days my musical tastes may veer towards the heavier end of the spectrum but my earliest musical favourites were actually The Police along with a variety of ska bands such as The Specials, Bad Manner and Madness. I have never forgotten my musical routes, and in fact seeing The Specials live after waiting 30 years was a truly emotional experience...  Hell, I've even just bought a ticket for Adam Ant later in the year.


Which finally brings me to Bustle Shuffle, a London based ska band who owe perhaps more to the tongue in cheek bands such as Bad Manners and Madness than Coventry legends The Specials. Originally released in 2009, 'Our Night Out' has managed to acquire a steady cult following especially across the ever-expanding London music scene, and from the information I have gathered there is quite a buzz growing in the live arena from this band.


2011 sees the album get a re-release with a remastered, remixed version that arrives in a deluxe digipack, much to the delight of their ever expanding fan base who have paying over the odds on Ebay for an original copy. Back to the music in question, if you take a ska band add a measure of Chas And Dave humour, a smidgeon of 50's rock 'n' roll and then top it off with a self assured Cockney geezer in the form of pianist/vocalist Jet Baker then you're onto a winning formula for sure.


Opening with a humorous intro replicating the classic British sense of humour (something I've not heard since Sham 69's 'That's Life' album) and you know what you are about to encounter.  Ten tracks of great fun, and the pure antidote to the more melancholy bands that seem to dominate the Indie press here in the U.K.


With Jet's smooth Cock-er-nee charm you cannot fail to enjoy the music on offer and with songs as wonderfully titled as 'Arthur McArthur', 'At The Bank' and 'I'll Get My Coat' you know this band doesn't take the outside world too seriously. I have to admit that even though this album isn't my particular cup of tea musically these days, it did bring a huge smile to my face. So, as Britain reverts back to the dark days of Thatcher-ite politics via a ConDem government, petrol prises rising skywards, whilst unemployment and homelessness are also on the increase you can't really ask for anything better than 'Our Night Out' to put a smile back on your face.


So squeeze back into your old Fred Perry polo shirt, turn up those jean bottoms, dust off your pork pie hat and join Buster Shuffle in their crusade to put the fun back into music.