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Written by Rob Lane   
Thursday, 28 April 2011 05:00

bfswoosEarly indications of the new album from Texan heavy-weight power pop kings, Bowling For Soup, was that they'd be returning to the sound that defined their chart busting opus 'Drunk Enough To Dance' way back in 2002. Opening track 'Let's Pretend We're Not In Love' definitely proves that to be true with its wall of guitars but it's by no means a step backwards, more of a band simply doing what comes naturally. Completely free from any record company decisions, BFS are seventeen years into a remarkable career and totally standing tall, making their own decisions and creating an album choc full to the brim of rock goodness!


I guess the only real pressure was how to follow up the near perfect album 'Sorry For Partyin' a couple of years ago - a record the band felt didn't get the shot it deserved. The result is to partner it with 'Fishin For Woos', a collection of tunes that have a real comfortable and content feel, yet lack none of the fun and excitement we've come to expect. You're not gonna be challenged, you're not gonna be shocked but you're certainly not gonna be disappointed as soon as you hear lead single 'S-S-S-Saturday' (man, you're probably hooked before you've even heard it!) and 'Girls In America' which has a definite Parry Gripp / Size 14 vibe - no real surprise once you hear the band are once again working with Linus Of Hollywood at the production helm, becoming the unofficial fifth member of the group. Rare fan favourite 'Guard My Heart', penned by frontman Jaret Reddick and bassist Erik Chandler, even gets a modern day make-over creating a smooth, alt-pop radio tune with its Gin Blossoms leanings and perhaps hints at where Chandler may be heading on his upcoming solo record?


The group's back pocket trump card has always been their knack for nailing a killer ballad on each album. A song where any casual listener is made to turn their head and sit open mouthed at an anthem that Jon Bon Jovi dreams of writing in today's world. 'Turbulence' holds the claim to that crown this time around with its Jani Lane-styled acoustic leanings and heart crunching, soaring chorus - it perhaps becomes the album's defining moment and if you had to lay money down on a 'Hit' then this would surely be your safe bet.


Eleven albums in... Eleven albums?! Who can do that these days?!... and Bowling For Soup are at the top of their game. They've become a pop-punk institution yet can quote Mötley Crüe and Ozzy several times on each album! They effortlessly cross over and appeal to just about any age demographic the world over yet can name check a local Texan Bar or Music Store and make it feel like our own. Without a doubt the sun shines down on Bowling For Soup which they pass onto us and all they ask in return is a smile..... or perhaps maybe a 'Woo'?!


I'm sold... who else is in?!