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Written by Matt Blakout   
Monday, 02 April 2012 05:25

TYKETTOCastanets! There, I've said it, it's out of the way. Castanets! There I go again....Further to that outburst I can sincerely confirm that this is the best album I have ever heard EVER and that you, the listener, will have ever heard that features castanets. Let's rebobinar (rewind).
It seems like yesterday when my then girlfriend and I had 'Forever Young' belting out of the speakers in my little Mini, the song becoming the soundtrack to an awesome summer, and a very memorable period of my life. Tyketto represented melodic rock at its best: forget Jovi, White Lion, Europe; this had passion, not your usual AOR by numbers. Now, here we are 23 years on from those days when Tyketto promised so much.
A fantastic comeback set at last year's Hard Rock Hell confirmed to me just how much life there was in the old dog known as Tyketto. A performance I witnessed and very much enjoyed for the great memories it brought back. Listening to the new release, 'Dig In Deep', confirms that, just like the bottom of a wishing well, the depths to the talents of Danny Vaughan and his band Tyketto are very hard to see. This is certainly no nostalgia trip, this is great melodic rock delivered by consummate players and performers. If you are only familiar with Tyketto's first release, 'Don't Come Easy', which features 'Forever Young', and not so familiar with the two follow ups, fear not! 'Dig Deep' will do just fine to pick up the memories of that great release and carry you on - you'll forget that grunge ever happened! 
Kicking in with 'Fearless' the riff has mean intent and then along comes the soft tones of Mr Vaughan, like a warm breeze, an old friend, and, all of a sudden, I'm transported back into my black Mini with its Carlos Fandango wheels! Bleedin' 'eck, I'm 21 all over again! 'Love To Love' features a chorus which is simply sublime, I dare you not to smile while listening to this, it's simply impossible. 'Hoping It Hurts' opens with an acoustic, reminiscent of Nelson at their best, and moves along just ever so nicely. This melodic mood continues with 'Battle Lines' and sits lovely with a nice glass of red wine (believe me). Coming right back at us with 'The Fight Left In Me' this is just another hard hitting riff with a chorus Bon Jovi simply can't write any more! Here we have it, the reason for my outburst at the beginning - castanets! Never thought I'd hear the day, but if I ever wanted to hear castanets in a song, this is the first and last word on getting it right.
'Dig In Deep' feels to me like a statement of the catharsis Tyketto were in while recording this fantastic album. The album is rounded off with a 'campfire' acoustic tune which showcases the incredible vocal ability of Danny Vaughan, a man whose talents are as bottomless as that well I mentioned earlier.
The song 'Dig In Deep' tells us that you never know what you'll find, but I'm going to tell you pop pickers, what you'll find here is an incredible album from a band that's got much to give. I really couldn't pick a favourite, it's like asking to pick a kitten from a basket, you'll love them all! Catch Tyketto headlining the Friday night at this year's Firefest in October but insure you get this album first as you'll be the only one in the crowd not singing every single word!



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