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Written by Rob Watkins   
Monday, 09 April 2012 05:15

abandonedstarsAbandoned Stars jigged into life in 2010 with Scottish brothers Leen on bass duties and Tony Hodge on drums, soon joined in the ranks by French vocalist Olivier Hadder and Italian guitarist Peppe Schiavone. The band take their influences from classic prog rock such as Rush and Dream Theater and newer prog metal artists like Opeth and Karnivool.


'Beyond Reason' kicks the opus into action with some metal riffage and typical prog musical passages that, as the track gradually develops, wander aimlessly into the musical progressive wilderness.


There's no doubting the musicianship on offer but the originality of the songwriting is lacking and instead leaning rather heavily on outside musical inspiration and influence, as in the case of 'Follow Your Heart', a good song but a little too dependent, especially on the latter stages of the track, on classic Rush.


A great piece of riffage and double bass drum work introduces 'Sealing My Fate' but, again, it evolves into, at best, bland prog rock, closing with what every release from this particular genre should include in their musical catologue, the eleven minute-plus tune....and here we have 'Against The Tide' losing the attention of the listener with the devoidness of killer hooks.


Opening act? Maybe, at best.....




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