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Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 12 April 2012 05:00

kevlarKevlar Bikini are some badass mofos for sure. I'm not quite sure what the title 'Explodisiac' means, it doesn't exist in the dictionary, so I assume they have created a new word, but it's a good word to describe the wonderful noise exploding from my speakers right now. This Croatian four piece have been together just two years plotting this, their debut album, and this album dudes and dudettes deserves to be cranked to the max; Kevlar Bikini insist on it, anything less will simply not do it justice.


They play it like they mean it for sure, dealing in full-on, razor sharp tunes with a heavy dose of fat nu metal riffage. Just crank up opener 'Devil's Jukebox' for a taster, it's a supercharged slice of modern, hardcore tinged rock 'n' roll fit for 2012. The drums kick hard and the metallic riffs go straight for the jugular taking no prisoners.


'Yikes Mama' shows no sign of slowing the pace, get past its opening foot tapping drum beat and the aural attack continues; they do sleazy like Love/Hate or even Bullets & Octane did sleazy...hard and heavy, and my personal rock 'n' roll world is always up for a slice of that. They have swagger and create a certain groove here that sits well.


The lyrics to 'Rats and Copycats' read like an 18 certificate Dr Seuss book, and they even manage to rhyme shake with dreck! The quirky riff is utterly addictive, almost cartoon-like, and the mid section bass is to die for, it's a truly fantastic song. The riffs keep coming and the grooves laid down just keep getting better with each listen as they quickly etch an indelible mark on my musical sub-conscience.


The mid album 'Sweet Ride' gives a short but atmospheric break before 'Jab' leads us in to part two of the album. The full frontal attack of a song like 'Pretzelspine' is relentless, it comes on like James Hetfield singing for System Of A Down.


The lyrics sometimes seem a bit odd to me, probably the language barrier, the message maybe getting lost in translation, or then again it may well just be their quirky style - whatever it is, I like it.


The ultra cool acoustic opening of 'Urinea' creates a sweet vibe, it's a song about pissing at first glance, but on closer lyrical inspection is probably a big "fuck you!" to whoever may have pissed them off, euphemism may well be understood by these guys after all.


The fantastically titled and sexually explicit 'Kiss It Like It's Skinny Liv Tyler' may well guarantee they never get an Aerosmith support slot but it's a great ending to the album none the less. A last burst of crunchy guitars and it's all over, and all I want to do is press play again.


'Explodisiac' channels the raw energy of four guys successfully into 33 minutes and 28 seconds - it's a heady mix of punk, metal and sleazy rock 'n' roll, it has a very modern feel and basically it rocks like a bastard!


With great albums coming thick and fast so far this year Kevlar Bikini have created a strong debut that stands tall against the competition and frankly pisses all over the rest. They could well turn out to have one of this year's big surprise albums here at Uber Rock, they could be this year's Black Spiders if you choose to give them the space on your stereo, and I expect to see it on a few albums of the year lists. Am I hyping them too much? Well you will just have to take a listen and let me know.



To put things in perspective, and if you hadn't already guessed, right now Kevlar Bikini rock my world.You want in?