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Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 05:30

HalestormHailing from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, female fronted rockers Halestorm have a lot to live up to... and whilst giving us an aural treat with 'The Strange Case Of', there is still something lacking on this release. This is certainly a step up for the band from their 2009 self-titled release, but it's still not the bone-crushing album I expect and crave from them.


Opener 'Love Bites (So Do I)' starts proceedings off in a great way. With its chest thumping (no pun intended, okay, it was...) bravado, the band has definitely upped the ante here. Every song is given everything the band can muster up in a recording studio and as a result the dozen tracks contained here stand heads and shoulders above what passes as metal in recent years (well in my eyes anyway). The star of the show for me of course is Lzzy Hale, she is up there with the very best of female rock singers and some of the best male ones as well. What her voice brings to proceedings is a sense of warmth and attitude that many others lack. With songs as good as 'Mz Hyde', 'Daughters Of Darkness' and 'Freak Like Me' it's amazing how this band aren't bigger here in the UK, as seriously this album is pure ROCK!


Whilst being heavy, the band do allow their softer side to shine on the following tracks 'Beautiful With You', 'In Your Room,' and 'Break In', and for me it's a nice interlude from an otherwise hard 'n' heavy album. So I welcome this side of the band with open arms.


So as I mentioned in my intro whilst being the better of the two albums the band have done so far, I still can't help think that the band are capable of so much more, especially on more standard songs like 'Rock Show', but the band do redeem themselves on 'You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing' and 'Here's To Us' which I think fans of the band will be drooling over en masse.




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