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Written by Matt Blakout   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 06:30

worldsapartRemastered and reworked by Anthony Focx, 'Clean Slate' by Worlds Apart has a nice bright sound which you can't always get from remastering but it's worked well on this.


Apparently this outfit is hailed as being one of Perris Records' top three selling artists. Hailing from Frisco, they have that harder edge but still melodic as with Tesla and Y&T. Rereading the blurb, it looks as though this cd is actually new but has simply been remastered at Perris's request before release.


Those of you familiar with Worlds Apart will know that the band has been together since the early 90's. They remind me a lot of Lynch Mob, maybe more melodic but they've got some great vibes, particularly 'All Your Lovin' - the bass cuts through on this cd which is not a negative comment and I see the bass man Jas produced and engineered it, to his credit. The only criticism I could make is the lead vocal could have been better produced. They would be fine for a demo but, even though Jay Davids is a very capable singer, a proper producer would be getting the best out of him and sometimes here that's just not happening. I can understand when you're up against it with time as that's money but it's got to be right or not at all in my book.


Listening further into the album, I realise Jay reminds me of Biff Byford and some of the tunes have a Magnum feel to them. All of the songs would benefit from more melody in the form of backing vocals but these are things a good producer would pull out of a capable band and Worlds Apart certainly are capable. One to keep an eye on.