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Written by Gaz E   
Monday, 15 April 2013 03:30

snowwhitealbumRemember renting big box VHS tapes with the most outrageously seductive and sadistic artwork and rushing home with them, only to find that they were European films badly dubbed to make them pass as glossy American productions? Well, I kinda got that feeling when I picked at the scab of the (admittedly great) artwork that enshrouds the Victory Records debut of Snow White's Poison Bite.


The band hail from Finland but you'd never guess, the modern horror rock oozing from the virtual grooves of the record as slick as the slimiest of their kooky US kontemporaries. They look great, have put their name to a perfectly putrid polished long player, yet there is a little too much of the modern horror movie remake about it that makes it impossible for me to truly devour it.


That's not to say that there aren't some fantastic moments ensconced on the album's groovy ghoulish tracklisting, it's just that I can't help but feel that the band have taken all the best bits from something older and cool and fashioned a soundalike aimed at the teen market and their despicable attention-devoid selves.


The album is ambitious, and frighteningly confident, bookended by a suitably spooky and outlandish intro and outro, but they leave this ten track thriller with just eight tracks proper. The eight tracks, it has to be said, are classily produced and feverishly performed...I just feel a little uncomfortable being in the same room with them, dad at a disco style. I'm so obviously not the target market, almost smelling an argument with a teen over Rob Zombie's Halloween versus John Carpenter's seminal original. If you're nodding along with me right now then you understand fully....


The album's first single, 'The Gruesome Gory Horror Show', shock rocks out in a cool sub-Wednesday 13 fashion, but with an added US pop punk aesthetic that drives a stake into my heart. I manage to pull it out come the song's end, however, as a huge Slipknot-esque riff crashes out. 'There's A New Creep On The Block' smashes out in a similar style - huge guitar, overly-silly vocal at times - and I can't help but fall for the Finnish frighteners. A little.


'Will You Meet Me in The Graveyard?' fuses a W13 hook to a million other musical influences - from death metal to an Offspring-style vocal - making this a right Frankenstein's Monster of a tune. It's memorable though, I can't lie. 'Halloween Means Death' ups the horror but lowers the cool with a dubious "trick or treat, motherfucker" hook, while 'Count Dracula Kid!' simply confirms the visions that have been coming to me in my fever dreams: take away the horror references from these songs and they are simply US-peppered modern pop punk songs.


'Dr. Gruesome' himself makes an appearance in noisy form wrapped up in a song that reminds me of Vampires Everywhere!, the US shockers who do this kind of thing, pretty well too, and again features a massive Slipknot love letter of a riff.


If you've seen a promo shot of the band you'll have noticed a familiar corpse paint smeared over the members: the hero of their worship, former Misfits frontman Michale Graves, turns up on 'Zombie Romance', a song that opens in fine '50s b-movie meets rock 'n' roll ballad style before, sadly, digging its own grave and thrashing out into another punked-out, walled-in modern shock standard. Shame.


'Lurking Inside Of You' is the nearest the curiously-monikered band get to the Vampires Everywhere! swag graveyard that is the Marilyn Manson back catalogue, but it ends up nearer to Madina Lake than Murderdolls.


There's plenty to like about this album from Snow White's Poison Bite, just as there was much to like about the Friday the 13th remake, and the Last House On The Left remake, and get the picture. Those movie rehashes were as disposable as the teens that the monolithic MM once sang about, but some young people who had never seen the originals might have fallen under their spell, and those are the future fans of Snow White's Poison Bite.


If you've never heard of the Misfits or Murderdolls or Alice Cooper or Impaler, yet you like things on the darker, cooler side of the street, then this could be your next favourite band. Just make sure they're the aural equivalent of a gateway drug, K? K.


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