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Written by Dave Prince   
Friday, 23 April 2010 06:30

bfstourcdFor only five pounds you can get this limited edition CD from any of the remaining acoustic tour dates. This CD is another reason why I simply flat out LOVE BFS!!! Talk about value for money! For those 5 pounds you get 16 (yes I did indeed say/type 16) all acoustic songs! Okay technically there are only 15 songs and one interview... but still 15!


Opening with 'High School Never Ends' which was recorded as part of their Napster Session, this is the perfect opener as it quickly states what the rest of the CD is going to be like... which is basically an acoustic party on CD. Next track up is the joyous romp of 'I Don't Wish You Were Dead Anymore' which still has the Quireboys-esque piano. This is quickly followed by the love lorn lyrics of 'If You Come Back To Me' in which Jaret sings his heart out on every heartfelt lyric.


Some of these recordings have been released in some shape or form previously like 'My Wena', 'Much More Beautiful Person' etc, either as an iTunes exclusive or as digital b-sides. So to have all of these put together on one CD is a godsend!


Ok, my only worry about this disc is the interview which to me smacks of filling up the disc as it is only 1 and a half minutes long.


Other tracks on here that require mention are 'Goodbye Friend' (Original Acoustic Demo), Their version of Kelly Clarkson's 'Breakaway', the latest single 'No Hablo Ingles' and 'Me With No You'. That's not forgetting the usual suspects of 'Almost', '1985', 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' and 'When We Die'


So basically this is kind of like an unplugged 'Greatest Hits' albeit done in the usual BFS style i.e. tongue planted firmly in cheek!