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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 03:40

The CorpsThis 2010 five track EP from Australian bruisers The Corps (now released for the US markets as a 10” picture disc) fair flies out of the traps with a flurry of slide guitar and some mighty meaty riffing. It’s all bluster and damn exciting stuff. 'All My Money' (on whiskey and women the rest I wasted) is the mantra and I'm down with it. This is muscle rock ‘n’ punk with a good sound that's hard rocking in a Rose Tattoo kind of way complete with some gravel ‘n’ whiskey vocals as the tune motors towards its climax.


Sporting a traditional hard rock sound with some punk rock attitude there's nothing not to like really as it’s very well delivered and the songs are of strong stock, besides, these boys sound like they couldn't give a flying one if you love it or loathe it, they're not here to please us just themselves and that's always a good start.

'Snake Eyes' is more of the same, hard rock without any hint of bullshit, put simply if it ain't broke don't fix it; and for a comparison think DC rock ‘n’ roll but with Motörhead playing it or Thin Lizzy played by Nashville Pussy.


'I Am Death' is up next, and you know what? I don't doubt it. Starting off with some sleazy slide this is possibly the choice cut thus far as it flexes its musical bicep over a super slick guitar workout before making way for the tour de force that is the EP’s title track that just sounds like a thunderous runaway train. If you could bottle this record it would taste like Thunderbird wine, and I could just about believe that The Corps used that stuff as mouthwash or poured it over their cornflakes.


To close off the EP we have 'Ain't Enough' which is a super solid romp with a catchy chorus and I'm done and I must admit to enjoying the cut of The Corps jib regardless of how tried and tested the style is. The music rocks and these boys sound like they're the real deal, living and breathing rock ‘n’ roll which wins the day for me. Bottle Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is well worth a listen boys and gigs but don't go pouring Thunderbird on your cereal unless you've run out of Special Brew and White Lightning.


If the Corps could indeed bottle rock ‘n’ roll theirs would be strong as fuck and knock you the fuck out!


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