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Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 04:00

My Soliloquy Artwork‘The Interpreter’ is the debut solo album from Threshold guitarist Pete Morten, although My Soliloquy itself is a project with which he has been dabbling for well over a decade. However, despite a few well received demos and support slots with the likes of Pagan’s Mind, Power Quest and that legendary original ‘Grumpy Old Man’, Sir Rick Wakeman – as well as Threshold themselves – it has taken all of this time for the side project to become a fully fledged entity in its own right, with this long awaited first offering.


While there is plenty in here that Threshold fans will instantly recognise, there are also elements which will set them thinking, and especially the fact that Morten has also taken over lead vocal duties.


‘The Interpreter’ is very much in the progressive metal vein with which Morten is known for, but it also veers very firmly into power metal territory, particularly with its soaring guitar melodies combined with huge symphonic keyboard-scapes, such as on the likes of ‘Corrosive De-Emphasis’.


There are moments of disappointment – both ‘Flash Point’ and ‘Fractured’ are just a tad too close to post ‘Mindcrime’-era Queensryche for comfort, especially on Morten’s vocals, which definitely bear more than a passing resemblance to Geoff Tate in their intonation, although the heaviness of the latter helps lift it somewhat. But, the likes of the cataclysm-inducing opening riff to ‘Ascension Pending’ and the magnificently complex ‘Dream In Extremis’ more than make up for such minor quibbles.


The songs have enough originality and progression in their construction and approach to keep the listener interested throughout, and the performances of Morten (who plays just about everything) and drummer Damon Roots, are strong and cohesive, the compulsory keyboard flourishes are perfectly complementary to the overall sound whilst the superb production brings everything together very nicely indeed.


If you like progressive metal you’ll love this. If you like symphonic power metal, ‘The Interpreter’ is well worth checking out too, in terms of broadening your horizons. If you’re a Threshold fan, then you won’t be disappointed… if you’re not, then go check out their back catalogue right away to see exactly where this darn fine album is coming from and going to.


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