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Written by Gaz E   
Friday, 30 April 2010 05:30

CLONE02First blood to Clonecircle. The cover art and truly impressive looking digipack that sits before me is eye catching to say the least. But is this metallic mutton dressed as lamb?


Clonecircle are a goth/industrial/metal hybrid from Denmark and 'Behind The Wire' is their second album. The aforementioned artwork is great, containing some beautiful painted art, and the music ain't too shabby either. Well produced and highly ambitious, imagine atmospheric modern industrial metal hooked up to an Eighties gothic iron lung.


Album opener, and title track, 'Behind The Wire' is a pretty good sound indicator for the band - moody and gloomy but with an epic scale to it and a hook that'll hang around for a few dark hours. Big guitars too. 'Your Own Worst Enemy' is a big tune for these guys - I could see this breaking through borders for the band. Second single 'Thunder And The Rain' features a nice female vocal and is a highly atmospheric piece. 'Follow Me' and 'Sweet Impossibility' sit atop a mountain of huge guitar, 'Obey' fuses electronica to a movie soundtrack and 'Infinity' closes the record in bleak, haunting fashion.


Possibly not sexy enough to recommend to fans of Deathstars and The 69 Eyes, I'd say that if you have a hankering for Type O Negative, Paradise Lost and that forgotten Manson fella then you'll probably dig this like you dig shallow graves for those animals that you tortured and killed. I would recommend this to Rammstein fans but the ones I know go to one concert a year and buy their music in supermarkets, but what would you expect from people who numb the brains of anyone in earshot with their tales of a life-changing concert which consisted of a man in waders fucking about in a pretend boat?


Clonecircle are probably the best Danish band that you'll hear this week - check them out.