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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Thursday, 01 May 2014 04:00

Wonk UnitAnother year and another Wonk Unit album, which means you’re guaranteed at least one thing to put a smile on your face. There’s just something good and wholesome about everything Wonk Unit do. An uncanny knack of writing the catchiest songs the UK punk scene has ever produced combined with Alex Johnson’s ever entertaining lyrics make me look forward to pretty much everything this band do, whether it be recorded output or their brilliant live shows.


Opening in a slightly subdued (but no less entertaining) manner ‘Wood Pigeon’ shows the quirky side of Wonk Unit before the first of a series of utter stormers rears its head. If ‘Lewisham’ isn’t bouncing around your head for days then you’re probably dead, whilst ‘Nan’ is a classic Wonk tune of rapid, catchy riffs and Johnson lyrics of the highest order. Then we get probably “THE” best Wonk tune I’ve heard, which is really saying something. You may have caught ‘Go Easy’ when it was released on YouTube as an album taster, and having got snared by it from the first play, I can assure you its charm only increases with many repeat plays. With a rattling pace and catchy as fuck sing-along lyrics this will be a mental live tune.


The album continues on its rollercoaster of musical exuberance with the melancholy ‘Siobhan’ rubbing shoulders with the scratchy, trebly rhythms of ‘There’s Me’ before ‘Kings Road Sporting Heroes’ struts pigeon-chested up to your table and spills your pint. Top stuff indeed.


‘The Blonde’ is a full throttle punk rock brute that doesn’t even break the minute mark before the absolutely bonkers ‘Heroin’ swirls around on jarring riffs and some classic ‘70s keyboards before it roars off and back again. ‘I Love My Nagging Wife’ is the best Two Tone song to come to light in years, whilst ‘Depressed?’ is a cathartic howl of sarcastic anxiety. ‘New Year’s Resolution’ is another screamer; fast paced, to-the-point and, well…. Fucking ace.


‘Ghost Writer’ and ‘Take Me Home’ finish proceedings off in typical fashion and the album leaves you with a grin on your face and a finger reaching for “Repeat”. If you’ve not heard Wonk Unit before and need points of reference imagine a mash-up of Snuff, China Drum, Leatherface, The Beat…..the list is endless. Just think everything good about independent British music and you’ll find any or all it in there somewhere. Nice one.






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