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Written by Matt Phelps   
Friday, 09 May 2014 03:40

balefulcoverBelfast bruisers Baleful Creed have been a growing concern for the last few years now, putting out some quality EPs along the way. Their previous digital only releases have left fans demanding a physical product so with that in mind the BC boys took ten tumultuous tracks from two previous EPs, namely 'Buried Beneath' and 'III', remixed and remastered them and have packed them onto a physical format for the very first time.


This CD, simply titled 'Baleful Creed', made an instant impression on me, and a positive one at that. It comes fully charged with music that whips up a storm of passionate hard rock with a dark edge. A fine mixed blend of influences comes via the likes of Sabbath, Danzig and Alice In Chains and gives a lush smokey vibe of darkness laced through some quality hard rock numbers.


The engine is first fired up with 'Baleful Creed' belching thick black smoke and John Allen revving up a riff like a bulldozer to push the track forward with an unstoppable ground shaking momentum. Some Circus Of Power style fine tuned smoothness indeed, oiled yet rough, rugged and definitely dark it gets the motor running nicely. It's a hard kicking tune and those guitars provided by Allen as well as guitar toting vocalist Fin Finlay come thick and fully rounded with a slew of solos burning away at the core.


Shifting gear for track two it becomes immediately clear that these guys can confidently touch on a multitude of styles without once sounding like genre-hopping desperados. The captivating 'Autumn Leaves' takes a departure from the pedal down metal of track one and takes a trip into a more shadowy territory where that Alice In Chains influence resides.


Then we have others like the slow burn of the six minute 'Misanthrope'. It really catches alight in a number of places with some fiery well placed guitar work from Finlay and Allen. The thunderous rhythm that rides beneath them courtesy of Stephen Fleming and Mark Stewart (bass and drums respectively) acts like a catalyst, injecting a brooding current that keeps the power flowing. Then there's 'Hex', writhing under a thick layer of Desert Rock dust and providing a sonic cloudburst of energy reminiscent of a House Of Broken Promises style groove.


But for me 'Her Promise' is the real standout track, packed with sweet guitar parts that flow like warm honey. The notes just seem to float by like a desert breeze, the solos are divine, the delivery is superb and the production is, as it is throughout the whole album, simply monstrous. I simply can't fault this one bit.


Baleful Creed are a credit to the rock scene, a genuinely great band with an immense sense of melody and power wrapped up in smouldering wings of darkness. They have a true wealth of potential to offer and their natural talent at turning out quality tunes, combined with their confident and capable delivery of them, can only work in their favour. Watch out for these guys, hopefully this first full length release will be the first of many.


You can get the digital version of 'Baleful Creed' here - - for just £3 while a fiver will get you the physical CD from Either way, I can't recommend it enough!


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