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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 03:40

demonscover500Most Uber Rockers will be, I'm sure, familiar with the Lamberto Bava-directed, Dario Argento-produced 1985 Italian horror favourite Demons (aka Dèmoni) due to the wealth of quality rock tracks and bands that littered the film's soundtrack: Accept, Mötley Crüe, Billy Idol, Saxon, Rick Springfield, The Adventures, Pretty Maids and Go West providing the pop and rock to the shock alongside the instrumental genius of Goblin's Claudio Simonetti.


Now, Simonetti's full instrumental soundtrack has been gifted the deluxe reissue treatment via Italy's Rustblade Records to celebrate the cult movie's thirtieth anniversary.


Available in a number of limited formats, this reissue is achingly cool: a coloured vinyl edition limited to just 666 copies; a metal box limited to 299 copies; and an ultra limited version that has just 100 copies. Yes, this is a horror fanatic's dream/nightmare definitive soundtrack.


Simonetti's work with Goblin may be harder to follow than a foreign movie without subtitles - he currently finds himself out of the reunited version of a band that has seen various incarnations over the years, from Back To The Goblin to New Goblin/Goblin Rebirth, The Goblin Keys to Simonetti's Goblin - but this OST is timeless. Sure, there are times when the tracks are more dated than the film's fashions - the '80s pop-inspired 'Demon (Reprise)' for example - but this soundtrack is Manna from Hell for horror geeks and completists.


Of special interest to these freaks and geeks (and I myself walk amongst them) will be the previously unreleased versions of tracks, such as the demo takes on the title track and 'Killing', and the live version of 'Demon' by Simonetti's metal project, Daemonia.


There are also nine remixes spread over the discs, with even the bonus tracks getting a couple of reworkings. These veer from the pure electronica of Cervello Elettronico's take on 'Cruel Demon' to the drum and bass version of 'Out of Time' by Needle Sharing and should have something of interest for every horror fan with a penchant for techno and industrial sonics.


I'm off to watch my Arrow Blu-ray of Demons...