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Written by Ross Welford   
Saturday, 14 May 2016 03:20

jollyjokercover300Sounding like a Jizzy Pearl solo album - if he was from Spain - Jolly Jokers have sucked in every big sounding band of the Glam and Sleaze scenes and exhaled a mixture of Backyard Babies, HCSS and the late eighties mega stars such as KISS and Ratt to produce a decent stab at an album that they can be proud of.


Much like the aforementioned Jizzy Pearl solo albums this is a little hit and miss, but just like Pearl, when they do hit hard on tunes such as 'Hey You' or 'Sidewalks', then you can't help but be impressed.


Having supported bands such as The Quireboys, Crazy Lixx, and Warrior Soul locally as well as touring nationally with LA Guns, the band have blatantly spent their time developing their sound to a point where this, their second album is a combination and coming together of all that they have learned and been able to craft together as a band.


The high vocal screech of vocalist Lazy Lane could well appease all those Love/Hate fans that are still missing their Yucca Man and on 'No Way Out' there is more than a hint of that band for you to get your teeth into.  


Occasionally, such as on 'Showgirls', Jolly Joker become a tad clichéd and almost go through the motions but then there's quite a few bands that are guilty of the same thing so this anthemic, slower blast could well be a live favourite and turn the track on its head, but on this album against the more powerful and instant songs, it fades a little in comparison.


Easily one of the best Spanish bands to rear their heads recently and definitely one of the better glam/sleaze albums that truly capture the past without compromising their own sound.


Some decent stuff. They just need to get a European tour to spread their wings.


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