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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 12 May 2016 03:20

PK300Hailing from Madrid, Pussycat Kill tick all those clichéd punk rock boxes. With a female handling the vocals they are clear and not too forced whilst the music is pretty much punk rock by numbers. With the kick drum going hell for leather, the guitars are on overdrive, whilst the bass thumps like a middleweight boxer - it's nothing outside the box and whilst it's fairly melodic punk it's punk by numbers nonetheless.


This debut album begins with a sprightly 'Wake Up' with the odd expletive thrown in to appeal to the kids who might be listening. The second track has a far bigger punch and whilst it's unoriginal the riff works really well with the lyrics and melody - good tune. Whilst this debut album swings from average songs with little to sing and dance about songs like 'Whisky Love' are a cut above. The track has a lot of energy and the writing works from the gang vocals to the melody and the riff and tempo.


I'm not quite sure what's actually missing - maybe it's that sprinkling of X Factor that sets apart one record from the next. 'She Said' is alright whilst 'All Night Long' breaks free of the one-paced punk rock and begins with just an electric guitar and vocals and when the inevitable band joins in it's done well and doesn't just punk out with the same guitar sound - it is sped up for sure but the gang vocals work and it's a breath of fresh air.


Maybe had this been an EP and half the songs were held back with the strongest six it would have had a far greater impact on this listener.  I do like the arrangement on 'Faster Than Punk' - it's got some bollocks about it and has some Rancid-like bass runs happening and overall it's not a bad way to wrap up an album but I do wonder how many people will make it to the end?


Like I said, it's a debut album and over time I might revisit it and have a new found love for all of it rather than some of it.




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