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Written by Ben Hughes   
Saturday, 21 May 2016 03:00

torp3cover300I spent Christmas Day on my own back in 2012 for the first and hopefully last time. While everyone else was enjoying time with their families, I for whatever reason, found myself spending time with me, myself, and I. I thought it would be okay, but no, it was a bit shit actually, I wouldn't recommend it.


So, I picked a CD with a cool cover from my pile of review discs, poured a large Jack Daniels and Coke and hit the play button. That album was 'Greetings From Heartbreak Key', the second long player from German Glunk rockers Torpedohead and, no joke, it made my Christmas Day. Instantly satisfying, sleazy rock 'n' roll, just the way I like it, Junkyard jamming with Backyard Babies I thought, this album was the musical high I needed.


Fast forward three years and the trio are back with album number three cunningly titled 'III'. Could they possibly match the consistency and quality of their last album? Well, pour yourself a large one, sit back, and enjoy the ride.


If there is a way of bottling musical energy then Torpedohead have it sussed, as I am pleased to report 'III' is the musical equivalent of catnip, speed, and nitroglycerine all rolled into one. From the opening riff of 'Get Off My Back' to the closing high octane drive of 'Cesspool Dreams' it's a wild ride you must take at full volume to really appreciate.


Vocalist/guitarist Sven Spacebrain is the main man here; after all, he writes all the songs, has a voice like David Roach from Junkyard and plays low slung rock 'n' roll guitar like Dregen at his best. That's not to put any dampeners on the rhythm section as Holger on bass and Zasch on drums keep a tight ship, let's not forget that.


There are only a few albums released these days that give me the feeling I got from first hearing 'Total 13', 'Demolition 23' or anything by The Wildhearts. Music that instantly makes me smile and reach to just turn that fucker right up, I can now add 'III' to that list.


A swift and guttural Kory Clarke-style "c'mon!" signals the opener that is 'Get Off My Back', it kicks off with an urgency that Backyard Babies would kill to capture these days and features the first of many killer choruses in a row. 'Wildfire' is ridiculously catchy, with a verse that could be Ginger Wildheart penned, this is a summer hit in waiting, perfect for daytime radio.


And the songs just keep on coming. From the full on greased-up, biker rock of 'Blood On Wheels' with its AC/DC riffage, to the more commercial 'Angel City' that reminds me of Blink-182 or Good Charlotte even, it's all great stuff that is delivered with style and attitude.


They only take time to breath on a couple of occasions and break out the acoustics for 'Peace Of Mind' and the Country-tinged 'Sweet Mystery', but it's the high octane stuff I desire from this band. 'Shanghide' has what I like to describe as a "sonically seductive" chorus, you will know what I mean when you hear it, it's something this band excel at. There's Dregen-esque wah-wah solos all over the place and it's a pretty punked-up, heavy riff going on, what's not to like here?


'Drunk On Sunday', yeah, that's something only professional musicians do, right? The rest of us have work on Monday! It's another anthemic blast of a song with a chorus that will wrap itself around your brain threatening to never leave and you won't want it to anyway. Unlike Hardcore Superstar, this band definitely celebrate Sundays.


'Cesspool Dreams' is one of those classic, euphoric album closers that kicks you in the bollocks and leaves you wanting more. Featuring some bad ass harp courtesy of some dude called Slick and then Spacebrain trading licks, it gives me the same feel that 'Ready' from the classic debut album from Vain still gives me to this day.


I must say Spacebrain and the boys have excelled themselves here. This album exceeds all my expectations and takes things up a level. There is already a plethora of albums vying for my end of year list and 'III' just torpedoed (sorry!) right up there with the best of them.


approved image lrg 2013Good time rock 'n' roll never felt so good.


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