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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 27 May 2016 03:20

silvershinecover300Can't tell you what the scene is like in Hungary for rock and roll so you'll have to excuse my ignorance of bands like The Silver Shine.


On first inspection The Living End/Social Distortion influence is obvious, maybe the Motörhead and Joan Jett a little more hidden. The front woman holding the salamander stick and handling half the vocals is Krista Kat and the other half of the lyrics are handled much like the Gretsch by Ati Edge (really? great name). 'One Mile From Heaven' could have fallen out of the back of Mike Ness's work pants and picked up some dirty riff-a-rama along the way.


'I've Got Heart', once it gets going, sounds like Iron Maiden wrestling with some psychobilly, but I do like the slap of the stand-up salamander stick. Oh wait, hang on, here comes that Motörhead influence on 'Please Tell Me', on the intro at least. The trading of male to female vocals doesn't help the record too much; even though the playing is great, the song is average.


'Hold Fast' comes and goes but 'Somewhere Far Away' has energy and is a very busy arrangement with a lot going on for a three piece and continues the Social D comparisons. I think if a band is happy to have comparisons with another band then that's cool, it is what it is, like I'm sure The Silver Shine knew this was going to be the case with songs like 'The Sun Comes Up'. I'm also glad they didn't tag a slow song on the end and went for an uptempo shit kicker instead.


Whilst it's not a bad album I can't help feel they've missed a trick and sound capable of so much more. I'll play it again Sam but I fear I'll come to the same conclusion. Hold fast, kids, and believe in what you're doing. I will be interested in hearing where they head next album and hope they can use their influences but create their own identity.