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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 30 May 2016 03:40

maxxoutcover300It's different, I'll give 'em that! After deciding in a car park of a KISS/Mötley Crüe double bill concert that this rock 'n' roll thing was for them, the duo that is MaxXout are here with their debut album and it's one that is as good as it is confusing and strange.


'70s influences run through the 12 tracks that make up this album and it's one that reminds you that the DIY efforts can sometimes produce the best results.


The vocals of Elliot Polak are a taste that may not to be everybody's liking and coupled with the sound shifting songs, they could surely only ever be an underground band that influences rather than sets the tone? Take a song such as the Sunset Strip-themed 'Narcan Atomizer', and the Led Zeppelin/Plant delivery that makes it sound like Jizzy Pearl fronting a psych-Zep cover band jamming heavily. It's ironically one of the best tracks on here but it such a far cry from the follow up track, 'Of Course I'll Call You', which is more akin to a band such as Kansas or Creedence Clearwater Revival at their most melancholy and it's that sort of dramatic change that makes the album a hard listen because it just doesn't flow as it could.


It's with no doubt that Polak and Stosh Jonjak (who handles everything else in MaxXout) are a talented duo but for their success to grow they may have to curb their enthusiasm for chucking everything into the mix or at least get someone in to clip their wings and force them to tone down the eccentricities that make 'The Big Push' an occasional hard listen.


There are touches of genius and beauty within this album - the guitar work alone could be from a lost rock classic of the '70s (check out 'Dirty Spoon' for a great example) - but it will take quite a few listens to truly digest what's been served up for you.


Investigate but don't expect an immediate return for your troubles. Stay with it and you might just find a band that will deliver.