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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 10 May 2017 05:00

The Ghost Wolves artPunk rock blues anyone? Gather round kids and open your minds because the hypnotic fuzzed out fucked up blues of The Ghost Wolves are in the house. 'Attitude Problem' is exactly that.  Whilst the pair might profess not to have one everything else here suggests they might.  As the guitars are fuzzed out overdriven, the drums are crisp - and don't fall for the little girl lost vocals because inside there is a beast that is rising.


Not a drink I'd recommend, 'Strychnine In My Lemonade' sounds thunderous and I do like the cut of their jib on 'Noisy Neighbours (Yuppie Scum)': it's like Tony Iommi moving in next door and loading up enough amps to fill the O2, then John Bonham joins him for a jam, before flowing into 'Crybabies Go Home'.  Just imagine the White Stripes with the roles reversed and some dangerous to know attitude and plenty of volume! Not a million miles from Atomic Suplex.


This band are part Guitar Wolf, but one less, and Thee Hypnotics halved, and obviously a dash of White Stripes: I also like the genre description of Mutant Blues! Ha, ha: undoubtedly accurate.


 'Bunny Run' is just rock and roll plain and simple, whilst 'Hill Country Howl' is exactly that - thirty seconds of howling!  Don't be fooled by 'Triple Full Moon' because as the song progresses it will attack much like I'd imagine any smart wolf would. Sure, it's not going to get played on Radio One any day soon, but fuck that - this record has glimpses of pure unadulterated joy. Take 'Journey On': it's rockin' - it's simple, but boy what energy. 'Vroom Vroom' made me giggle, but 'I Got Money' didn't, coming on like a long lost T Rex song put through a fuzzbox – simple, yet most enjoyable. 


The record ends with 'Valley Of Wolves' which encapsulates what the Ghost Wolves do and do best then to close its round the campfire for an acoustic jig 'DYGKD' which stands for 'Don't You Get Knocked Down' if you only listened to the lyrics.


Seventeen songs(ish) over 40 minutes that didn't seem as long as 40; it was an interesting and at times extremely enjoyable ride.  There are many genres in music, and many crossover each other, and there are also mavericks out there pioneering shit you never thought would go, but it does. With a little time and effort the rewards are there: smokey bacon in vanilla cupcakes and pineapple on pizza (OK, not that one) and fuzzybox distorted rock and roll blues straight outta Austin (obviously)… Man go get some ‘Texas Platinum’  it's a howling good record.


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