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Written by Marc Leach   
Friday, 12 May 2017 04:30

KobraAndTheLotusPrevail1The amazing thing about music as a whole is how diverse it is, especially when it comes to females fronting rock/metal bands but for close to a decade the award winning Canadian metal band Kobra And The Lotus have been a shining example of this within the metal community. Following the release of their hit 2014 record ‘High Priestess’ they are back with the first part of their two part album series entitled ‘Prevail.’


The album’s introduction, ‘Gotham’, will introduce the listener to the record’s huge sound and will also appeal to all the followers of the famous caped crusader. The high priestess herself Kobra Paige’s astounding vocal range is once again on show here as she takes you on a journey throughout the dark city; maybe we will hear this in a future film? From comic books to sci-fi, the band then move to the album’s first single, the space age ‘TriggerPulse’ - a track which has a rather Devin Townsend influence: the instrumental middle section in particular is evident of this.


Did I mention this record’s sound is huge? If so then I will say it again, this record is HUGE! To reap the benefits of how astronomical this record is then ‘Specimen X (The Mortal Chamber) is the track for you; with riffs galore from lead guitarist Jasio Kulakowski, a thunderous drum performance from Lord Marcus Lee. This track in particular also shows the difference in production compared to previous records which is all thanks to the talented producer Jason Hansen (Volbeat, Enbound, Epica).


KATL aren’t afraid to speak to their listeners through thought-provoking tracks such as the beautiful ‘You Don’t Know’ and appreciative ‘Victim.’ ‘Check The Phyrg’ is the perfect example to showcase how immensely talented the entire band are, especially from Kulakowski himself who just unleashes some sensational guitar wankery throughout. The band then go back to their classic heavy metal roots for the apocalyptic ‘Hell On Earth,’ one of this reviewers favourite tracks off this entire record.



Ever since I let this album destroy my car speakers I have been saying “holy fuck” to myself, because this is by far one of the best records I have heard so far this year. Kobra And The Lotus certainly gave it their all and then some for this outstanding body of work which will make any diehard metal head drool at the mouth. So, this begs the question: if part one is this good then what have the band got for part two?


‘Prevail I’ is released today (Friday 12 May).




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