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Written by Marc Leach   
Friday, 19 May 2017 04:00

Cover Custard A Realm Of TalesWords just cannot describe the bands that come your way when you write reviews, so you can imagine how surprised I was that a certain German power metal band have a brand new record entitled ‘The Realm Of Tales;’ an album which is inspired by classic fairy tales of old. Oh yeah! Did I mention this band’s name is Custard? Yes, you read that right, Custard! So this begs the question, is this band’s music as tasty as that scrumptious yellow dessert? Let’s find out shall we?


So if you good reader think this band is just another comedy band just because they have a funny name, you are dead wrong. Custard have been a driving force for power metal for three decades years with this being their sixth full length release. The band demonstrate this force with ‘Queen Of Snow,’ a track that is packed full of guitar riffs plus some outstanding high-pitched wales from lead vocalist Oliver Strasser. The catchy ‘The Pied Piper’ is not only a fantastic tribute to the gruesome Hamelin tale but the Iron Maiden influenced riffs would be perfect if the Pied Piper was a metal head. ‘Arabian Nights’ is certainly one of the most impressive tracks on this entire record where the band go a little crazy using a variety of instruments including sitars to capture that middle eastern essence.


Custard then adds some atmosphere to this record for the beautiful ballad ‘The Little Match Girl;’ a piece features some lovely duel guitar licks from Carsten Reichart and Stefan Absorber. Strasser’s Rob Halford-esque vocal range truly shines through during the tsunamic of the Little Mermaid in ‘Daughter Of The Sea’ where once again the use of high pitched wales at the start will just excite any die hard metal head; especially if that listener is interested in a mermaid ‘…with golden hair and naked breasts.’ These guys aren’t afraid to show off their influences in this record with the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest inspired tracks on display, ‘Sign Of Evil’ in particular which screams (pun intended) of that classic Priest sound . With so many tales being told throughout this record, the closing number ‘Forged In Fantasy’ is the perfect song that describe how all of these stories came into existence; from the fantasies of Hans Christian Andersen to the Brothers Grimm.



If you are like me and this is your first experience of Custard then take this advice good reader, don’t let their name fool you; this band mean business. ‘The Realm Of Tales’ is certainly a fantastic piece of material that is both tight and well mixed that proves that Custard are true force to be reckoned with. For those of you who are planning to raise your children as metallers then this would be the album for you as it not only saves you from reading these stories; but your children will get to hear them via this heads down record.


‘The Realm Of Tales’ is released today (Friday 19 May). You can buy your copy HERE.


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