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Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 18 May 2017 05:00

Dead Daisies - Live coverRecorded during their European tour late last year, 'Live & Louder' is the first live album from the hard touring Aussie/US supergroup The Dead Daisies. Featuring five members that are of course heavily influenced by ‘60s and ‘70s rock music, The Dead Daisies - that's Messrs Corabi, Tichy, Mendoza, Lowy and Aldrich - aimed to capture the glory daze of the live album and enlisted Anthony Focx (Aerosmith, Bad Company, Santana) to mix the beast. Between them they seem to have nailed it and captured the sound of one of the best supergroups currently touring the world right now.


A live album should capture the blood, sweat and tears of a rock show. It should transport you back in time to that moment, you should feel the anticipation as the crowd noise fades in, the power as the first chords ring out and be enraptured as the frontman takes control for the duration of the night. Yes, the fans demanded a live album and the band listened and delivered.


I freakin' love John Corabi, The Scream were ace and he was the best thing that happened to Motley Crue, even Union had their moments right? He is a truly underrated singer and songwriter, and in The Dead Daisies he finally seems to have found a stable rock 'n' roll touring monster to call his own. But of course it's not his baby, the guitars of founding member David Lowry and former Whitesnake six stringer Doug Aldrich are a glorious Classic Rock combination to die for. One in each speaker, they reel off lick after lick and crunchy riff after riff and it goes without saying how good the rhythm section of Mendoza and Tichy are too, just look at their credentials.


With three albums to draw from The Dead Daisies songbook is now a weighty tome and while last album 'Make Some Noise' is of course heavily featured in this set, tracks from 'Revolucion' and the debut album are also present and correct. From opener 'Long Way To Go' to closer 'Midnight Moses' all bases are covered. 


While it is mixed seamlessly to sound like one entire concert, Corabi's between song city namechecks give the game away and while it may throw the listener at times, it doesn't really affect the momentum of the album as such. More so, it reminds the listener that it is a snapshot of a tour, rather than a capture of one night in particular. 


It's a slick sounding album, this ain't no bootleg or straight from the soundboard job, the title 'Live & Louder' may be as generic as it comes but the recording is far from average. The likes of 'Mexico' and 'Make Some Noise' punch above their weight and kick hard, the production pulling the best out of the performance.



The lengthy band introductions are fun as well, pure ‘70s rock 'n' roll entertainment and maybe a chance for the guys to catch a breath or two, they ain't getting any younger! Snippets of Priest, Hendrix and Aerosmith are jammed out and there's even tongue-in-cheek Roth stage rap ("look at all the people here tonight!"), this recording takes you right to the centre of the crowd on any given night.


The cover choices though, for a band with 3 albums under their collective belts, do they really need to still be featuring so many covers in their live set? It's debatable, but none the less, there are five cover versions on this live album. Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Fortunate Son' is played early and sounds great actually, with Lowry and Aldrich trading solos. The jammed out 'Helter Skelter' and 'American Band' are solid renditions that fit the set, even if they are predictable and generic cover choices. Is this really what the average Dead Daisies fan desires? Well, there doesn't seem to be any complaints so far, does there Daisies dudes and dudettes?


The album comes in various deluxe packages including a sexy looking double vinyl set and a DVD documentary which seems to come with even the standard CD version. It is probably very interesting but of course was not made available with this review copy, so I cannot comment on such things; I'll just have to buy it won't I? And so should you. It will sit nicely on the shelf alongside the other classic double live albums for sure.


'Live & Louder’ is released tomorrow (Friday 19 May).


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