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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 24 May 2017 04:30

Bad Sam artworkComing out of nowhere, a new Bad Sam album hits the streets without any fanfare at all - but it is a most welcome gift; there is no better time with such political upheaval on shit island, it’s a powder keg ready to go off big time and maybe if the climate is right it might yet be a big summer in the inner cities of the British Isles (a united kingdom it certainly isn't).


As soon as the needle drops into the groove (obviously it’s on vinyl), my head is exploding and overloading with aggressive thoughts as Bad Sam's brand of hardcore punk is an absolute pleasure. It doesn't matter that the track list is fucked and it doesn't matter that it’s not on Pledge - although I'd love to see the favour list they'd offer - and neither does it matter that I can't squeeze any more volume out of the monitors.


UK hardcore punk is, and always has been, in very safe hands with the likes of Dean Jeffrey Beddis continuing to knock out records of such huge quality. It’s music with a social conscience; holding a mirror up to what's really going on in our cities and towns. It doesn't matter that Bad Sam hail from the 'Port and not Chicago or South Central, because there isn't anybody on those city streets capable of writing a record like this and managing to capture that energy and aggression so brilliantly.


From the thumping riff to the machine gun drumming on 'Boo Hoo' this is getting serious: buckle up kids and behave because Beddis is coming! FUCKING HELL! This is already thumping me in the chest and before I can draw breath, '3 Little Pigs' is up and running (so is my blood pressure - up that is). The bass rumble on the breakdown is menacing. Bad Sam are clearly not huffing or puffing, but you wouldn't want to knock on their door. 'Other People’s Meds' is pretty self-explanatory as a topic - "I take it you take other people’s meds": ‘t's enough to make you hyperventilate just listening to it.


'I'm A Terrorist' has the bark of a very big dog and is such an addictive song I've had to go and drop the needle again and again. This is where the track listing goes to pot, but hey the music keeps coming, or rather raining down on you. 'Cocaine Me' is blistering… also, it’s great to hear songs like 'Christ' being reworked and recorded for this album after it first popping up on some demos from years ago - it was always too good to never see the light of day properly and it has blossomed into a snarling beast of a song: simply superb punk rock.


After a lie down in a dark room and some yoga, I'm going back in for side two. 'Mrs Bastard' almost made me choke when Beddis piped up with the lyrics. Never one to shy away from gritty subjects, Bad Sam tell it as it is and 'Mrs Bastard' pulls no punches. 'Mr Trump' wasn't ever going to get away Scott free and the chorus will no doubt have people howling along in approval. 'Monsanto' is a slower number where The Glove and Lanny C show that they are a match for anyone on the six strings.


Another golden oldie is 'Newport Hotel', and again it seems that the time was right - here and now was perfect to capture this beast. The breakdown is immense and the lyric once again are superb. 'Grovel' is the second best song Bad Sam have ever penned (after 'I Love The 'Port'- obviously): a sublime combination of great lyrics and musicianship.


I'm no wordsmith and like to review records I hear from the heart - and every now and then a record or band touches your heart… I might not know what they're singing about all the time, and there are little things that make me think, but I do know that the world needs bands like Bad Sam - they are the light in the darkness. They might be preaching to the converted, but it matters not. The fact that they exist and release records as good as this is good enough for me. Two albums and a bunch of demos in and they've yet to put a single foot wrong… always with their finger on the pulse and only ever dancing to their own beat.


I love Bad Sam and so should you. Honesty, integrity, quality, ability - not things many bands ever achieve in a lifetime of trying but Bad Sam hit the spot and keep hitting it every time they commit a song to tape.


Essential listening for everyone. Ignore at your peril.


‘Bring Me The Head Of...’ is out now. Details of how to get your copy can be found HERE.


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